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alpine a110 sports x

Alpine A110 Sports X Is Ready for Winter

Unfortunately, It’s a One-Off

Alpine’s A110 sports car is an awesome machine, and it’s won the hearts of many a motoring enthusiast lately. Now there’s a one-off project from the company that will have any Alpine-lover swooning. It’s called the A110 Sports X, and it’s ready to take you to the ski slopes, but you’ll probably not want to get out of the car.

According to Evo, the car is supposed to be a retrospective of the Alpine A110 rally car would look like if it were based on the current model. The car is based on the standard A110 Pure. From there, the body is 80 mm wider (over three inches) and 60 mm higher (over two inches).

The car also gets larger wheel arches for taller, all-season Michelin Primacy 18-inch tires that are on the standard wheels. The car also gets some new bumpers and a rear skid plate. Sill covers are gone and some other bodywork is in their place.

Add to that a rear roof-mounted ski rack and you’re looking at a stylish, off-road-ready Alpine machine unlike any other. This one-off, unfortunately, isn’t something you’ll be able to buy. The closest thing Alpine offers is the A110 Rally for £135,000 (about $176,000).