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Best Cars Of 1903 – The Greatest Cars In The World This Year

A major step in the growth of the civilization was taken at the turn of the century; the early stages of automobile building in Europe and America were characterized by colossal euphoria. In a short period of time, hundreds of car manufacturers emerged. Discoveries and developments in the industry spread incredibly fast, but the introduction of the assembly-line and automobile serial-production created the first industry giants.

In 1903, the USA produces 11,200 cars (1,700 by Ford) but is still second to France. France’s car manufacturers sell more cars abroad than domestically, more than 14,000 total, about one third of the exports being sold in Britain.

It was also during this time that most people still rely on a horse or a buggy with the “horseless carriage” preferred mainly by doctors and the rich and not useful on many of the roads with of them 90% still unpaved. But still it doesn’t stopped car manufacturers at that time to continue producing more powerful and innovative cars.

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Our Favorite Cars for the 1903 Model Year

1903 Ford Model A

The Model A was the first product of the Ford Motor Company. Its transition from Henry Ford’s concept to a finished product in the hands of customers was balanced on a knife’s edge of cash flow. In early July 1903, Ford’s cash balance was just $223.65. Ford’s credibility with investors was exhausted. There was work-in-process inventory in the Mack Avenue factory, but without income there would soon be nothing to pay employees to keep assembling automobiles. Learn more…

1903 Benz 60HP ParsifalRennwagen

1903 Benz 60HP Parsifal Rennwagen

This car was built in direct competition with Mercedes: Karl Benz could work up little enthusiasm for motor sports events, but DMG’s market success, which was the result of their successful participation in races, eventually made the Mannheim company seriously consider designing a competitive racing car. So they took on the young French designer Marius Barbarou, who was put in charge of the design department with a team of selected colleagues. He developed a few cars and finally landed the big hit with the Benz-Parsifal in 1903.  Learn more…

1903 Mercedes 90HP Rennwagen

1903 Mercedes 90HP Rennwagen

The 90 HP Rennwagen built for the Gordon Bennet race was destroyed in a factory fire at Cannstatt in 1903. After that, the factory management bought back some of its already sold 60 hp cars to let them run in the race. The race was won by the Belgian Camille Jenatzy. Learn more…