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Best Cars Of 1916 – The Greatest Cars In The World This Year

Without one little hiccup, 1916 took up where 1915 left off. In every category, the industry continued to improve by leaps and bounds. by the summer, some makers had seen their orders for aubomibles quadruple from the year before and profits were doubling across the board. As usual, Ford was leading the way. Their seasonal sales had reached the 500,000 mark and had $35,000,000 in the bank. a figure of 1,000,000 cars for the coming season was predicted.

By this time, most manufacturers had stopped making major yearly model changes.The only changes were updating engine sizes from four to sixes and to eights. and some from eights to sixes.

The price of gasoline was constantly on the rise and experimenting with every idea that was conceived was tried. The median price per gallon was 23 cents. A high as 40 cents per gallon was predicted by years end. One of the reasons was the Texas oil fields were being depleted. The enlargement of cylinder numbers drastically reduced the miles per gallon.

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