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Best Cars Of 1918 – The Greatest Cars In The World This Year

By January 1918, the war was in full force and every available industry was producing war products. The automobile industry was hit especially hard by the shortage of manpower. Thousands of skilled workers were called upon to man the war trucks that were sent overseas and for mechanical upkeep leaving the industry with only unskilled workers in the factories.

Nothing could be done unless the War Industry Board approved it. Every phase of the industry committed themselves wholeheartedly to the war, for not to being able to do so was deemed unlawful and was subject to harsh penalties including shut downs.

Our 1918 cars are generally the carried-over models of 1917. It had to be so since everyone are forced to focused their efforts on the war. As a result, there were not many notable cars made during this year.

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Our Favorite Cars for the 1918 Model Year

1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 38

1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 38

In 1913 Pierce-Arrow introduced their 6-cylinder engine in the Model 38 line. The car was a small version of the Model 66, but was still made to same high levels craftsmanship of craftsmanship. For instance aluminum was used extensively in the design including the body. Learn more…