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Best Cars Of 1917 – The Greatest Cars In The World This Year

1917 was the year when the US entered the First World War after more than two years of not trying to be involved in the war. US entering the war help turned the tides for the Allied forces during the First World War.

The automobile industry, on the other hand, continues to flourish even though the recent war conditions make it imperative that the all car manufacturers were forced to offer their expertise to their respective governments. Thousands of mechanics were needed as drivers for motor truck convoys and airplanes and mechanics to assist the drivers and pilots.

Despite the focus on military vehicle production, car manufacturers still continued producing cars for the general public. Ford’s factory in Manchester’s Trafford Park, in particular, – were still primarily geared up for car production. As a result, by the time the Treaty of Versailles was signed and the war at an end, a staggering two out of every five cars on UK roads was a Ford, a vast majority of which being Model Ts.

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