How to Drive Supercars in Vegas For Less Than $200

Las Vegas is well known for being outrageous, a place to let loose and try new experiences that you might never have in your everyday life. Famous for being a gaming city, Vegas is home to over 40 casinos on the Strip, as well as hotels, entertainment and wild nights out on the town. You can also have a lot of fun with supercars in Vegas, and you don’t even have to spend your life savings to do it.

Vegas doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you know how to save a bit of money with value buffets and cheap show tickets. Enjoying a few laps around a racetrack might even be a safer option than blowing your cash on the nearest roulette wheel, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

You could hire a supercar from one of many companies and car dealerships around Vegas. The going price for a full day driving of a Ferrari 458 Italia would set you back an average of around $1,500. That’s a pretty hefty fee, but of course, it would be great fun ragging such a beautiful motor down the Vegas Strip. Vain, perhaps, but fun…

The best way to drive a supercar in Vegas is to head to a racetrack. Racing is not about showing off your pectorals as you hang out of the window shouting at passersby on the Strip — it is about speed and adrenaline. It is about the pure and raw experience of life. Speed junkies will want to try out supercars in a place with no speed limit!

The original supercar racetrack in Las Vegas is Exotics, founded in 2009 and now the owner of 60 amazing supercars that amount to a collective total value of over $12 million. Intrigued? Exotics Racing offer two tracks specially designed for testing the limits of eager participants. It is one of the best places to race in Vegas and arguably, in the USA.

Five laps in a Ferrari 488 GTB will set you back $399 while 12 laps cost $799, giving you a reduction in the price per lap. Meanwhile, five laps in a Porsche Cayman GTS is only $199. Prices include technical briefing, discovery laps in which drivers can familiarize themselves with the track and the driving experience itself in which you take the supercar of your dreams for a spin.

Exotics Racing may be the first, but there are other companies available who can offer an equally thrilling time in Las Vegas and for a similar price. SPEEDVEGAS is the new kid on the block and is gaining traction as a solid alternative. Its 1.5 mile/2.4 km track is the longest in Vegas. The 12 turns test skill while the ½ mile straight gives you the chance to really push the speed of your supercar to the maximum!

Las Vegas is one of the finest places in the world for gaming and entertainment, but now you know that it also has a lot to offer the supercar fan. For less than $200, you can drive a Cayman as fast as you want around a racetrack. For a little more, you can take the best cars in the world out for a drive.