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Bugatti Rimac

EVO puts the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport against the Rimac Nevera

While Rimac and Bugatti might be joining forces for the next generation of hypercars, initially these are competitors, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is a W16 quad-turbo hypercar with 1,600 PS, on the other hand, the Rimac Nevera, the all-electric hypercar with nearly 2,000 hp, so putting them side by side for as rivals might be a fascinating concept, which is precisely what EVO Magazine did, taking both hypercars onto the roads of Croatia, the birthplace of Rimac.

So when you are talking about 1,600 PS or 1,914 hp, W16 combustion engine vs all-electric does it matter at such a level or does it come down to personal preference, or is it just all a blur at this level, personally, I rather like the electric ‘zoom’ sound of the Rimac Nevera and the stupendously quick acceleration power … but at this time I would still go for a combustion engine, preferably one that emits a thundering sound from the exhausts … but that’s just me, and the future is all about electric for sure, so for now, let’s take a look at what EVO has to say about putting these two masterpieces side by side on the open road: