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What Gives Toyota Its Great Reputation & Why We Want Them To Build a New Sports Car?

What Gives Toyota Its Great Reputation?

Yes, we know Toyota isn’t the first name that springs to mind when you are thinking about Supercars, but many people forget that this is the company that created some great sports cars over the years. Toyota Celica AWD Turbos, Lexus LFAToyota GT-OneToyota 2000GT and Toyota Supra Turbo are amongst some of the cracking cars that have come out of Toyota.

While names like Supra, Celica and 2000GT all a place in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts all over the world, Toyota has really excelled by building a brilliant reputation for reliability, and this didn’t just land in their lap. Brilliant gas mileage, cheap models, and the knowledge that your car will last for many years are all part of the parcel when you choose a good Toyota. With all this promise wrapped up in one brand, you may be wondering how Toyota have founded and upheld this great reputation. 

Here’s a closer look.

One of the main things that makes Toyota so reliable is that they don’t rush into introducing new features. Many other auto companies are wrapped up in their various competitions, and always focussed on out-doing one another, Toyota takes its time to consider upgrades, and won’t release any of their new features until they’ve been proven to be foolproof. None of Toyota’s vehicles are ever rushed through the design and manufacturing process. If they’re not sure that one of their planned upgrades will stand the test of time, they conduct more research rather than rushing through and getting it on the market. In this way, Toyota is a real beacon of the Japanese conservative approach to innovation and business. they won’t rush a new feature through the motions just to get the attention of motor journals!

Another great thing that bolsters Toyota’s reputation is that they seem to hold function over form in all of their cars. Many people I’ve talked to say they avoid Toyotas because they don’t have much power or torque. All of this is true, and if you’re looking for something to burn rubber and turn heads with, I still wouldn’t recommend a Toyota. That’s a problem. That one of the largest car makers in the world doesn’t build a sports car that stirs the soul is a travesty. Toyota can build amazing sports cars, so we want to see them do it. 

Sure, there’s a certain, understated elegance found in Toyotas, from their bulky Rav-4s to smaller, more modern runners like the New Toyota Yaris. They’re comfortable to sit in, have great handling, and it’s extremely rare that they break down. Yes, this emphasis on function rather than form means that it’s hard to feel exhilarated about a new Toyota release. In the long run though, it means you’ll get a safer and longer-lasting car. But that don’t get me excited. As a sports car fan, I want that. I would buy a Toyota if they built it. 

Toyota are built to last. When you’re buying a new or used car, the price tag certainly isn’t the full extent of the investment you’re making. You also have to consider the total cost of ownership, which will decrease gradually the more you drive your car. Look at any study, and you’ll find that Toyotas are the longest lasting cars on the international market. 

What does that mean for car guys? It means we wait and wait and wait for hushed news about the second coming of the Toyota Supra or the rumored rear-drive small sports car that Toyota has been talking about for years. If that never happens, then we look at classifieds for 15-20 year old sports car or complain how we’d love for Toyota take some of the money they put into making their cars so reliable into a fun sports car budget where they can have some fun.