Juicy​ ​Details​ ​Every​ ​Sports​ ​Car​ ​Lover​ ​Wants​ ​to​ ​Know​ ​About​ ​GT​ ​2017

Ford just two years before came with a hyper sports car stunning all of us. Yes, you already have guessed it right. We are referring to GT 2017, the fiery sportscar that really can take on a Ferrari. This is nothing less than a wild-styled track star that really deserves its reputation as the most ambitious hypercar from the Ford regime.

As Rachel Lord of Dealerreviews.co.uk explains, “with twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 engine it is a powerhouse to match most advanced sports cars”. To add to this, there is an awesome adjustable suspension to dissolve the bumps on the road effectively. Furthermore, it is constructed with carbon-fiber and there are active-aero elements making it a truly never-before performance. To make things further smoother there are big tires offering ultimate grip to the car. Finally, the company declared that at first lot just 1000 odd cars will be built for the market with a price tag of nearly $450,000.

The first time the new sports car was revealed for the audience was at the Detroit auto show in 2015 and since then innumerable automobile magazines and industry speculators came up with their side of the story and in the meantime, the wait for the car only got stretched. Now finally, the wait is over the as the new sports car from Ford is announced to hit the market in 2018.

Awesomely smooth drive

The biggest buy for the all-new GT 2017 is the smooth drive it offers at a racing speed. First of all, it feels awesomely lighter while providing a cool and heavy machine to play with. It’s also a great car to drive at a moderate speed offering a very smooth progressive throttle. Typically different from a “zero or hundred” approach it actually can be a great car for racing as well as moderate-high road driving. Made with several hundred carbon fiber pieces its designed to offer bullish performance in varying speed levels. When you consider control mechanism, the seven-speed dual-clutch is automatic and can shift at lightning speed.

Electrifying speed with less push

It weighs lighter than most other sports car and that’s a really big thing. The lightweight finish equipped with a powerful built and super performance engine make it a dream vehicle to blaze through the racing track. The push for speed can be enjoyed and felt with robust powerful engine throbbing inside while making it extremely comfortable for the boarders all the way through. It comes with very gentle brakes and there are several stability control modes which altogether it makes impossible or harder for this beast to crash on the roadside fences. With all such power propelling you forward you never feel as much in control as behind the driver’s seat of all new Ford GT 2017.

Finally, while testing the drive for assessing the inside noise of the car while running at full speed we can find it quite noisy without a helmet. Yeah, with all such powerful features and sophistication allowing such an upbeat racing drive, the noise aspect should have been addressed with more care. The exhaust working at certain gears sounds really boomy. Another drawback about the interior includes a less flexible seat with brazenly tufted cloth inserts. The stretching of the legs for the passenger seems a little clumsy affair as the footrest seems to be a bit closer than it should have been.

Apart from a few pulling aspects, the new Ford  GT seems to be a really ahead of time sports car that apart from offering a gorgeous addition to the collector’s garage can be a smooth giant beast for driving on racing track as well as the high road.