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SSC Tuatara

SCC Will Deliver the First Tuatara at Monterey Car Week

The SSC Tuatara Will Arrive, Finally

After many years of waiting, the company SSC North America will finally deliver the first of its Tuatara hypercars. The car was first shown off nearly a decade ago, and now the first official model will appear at August 16 at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering and be delivered to the buyer, according to Motor Authority

The SSC Tuatara is no run-of-the-mill hypercar. It’s more than a crap-ton of horsepower in a mid-engine machine. The vehicle has been purposefully and masterfully designed. For example, its aerodynamic shape offers a drag coefficient of just 0.279, lower than most other hypercars. This should help make the car capable of nearly 300 mph. The company’s CEO says it should be able to break 300 mph. 

The Tuatara comes packing a lot of heat in the form of a 5.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 that was developed by SSC. That engine can make up to 1,750 hp with the right fuel. The car also comes with several active aero elements, which should help with stability at speed. Pair all these impressive notes with the fact that the car only weighs 2,750 pounds, and you get the picture as to why this car is so important.