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SSC Tuatara Speculated to Only Have Gone 242 Mph During Record Run

“Stop! He’s Already Dead!”

The SSC circus continues to roll through town with more and more news every week. The gasoline continues to pour on the SSC Tuatara dumpster-fire-of-a world record run they claimed to have achieved last month on the tenth of October.

Shortly after the record, I wrote a lengthy article about YouTubers and other various internet users digging into the record-setting video with their investigations concluding the entire video to be a fraud.

Jerod Shelby, owner and founder of SSC, immediately went into full damage control and blamed the video editors for the issue after being caught lying about DEWETRON – an accredited  GPS data-measurement instrument manufacturer – confirming the record (DEWETRON denied this claim).

Just like every horror movie you’ve ever seen, the main protagonist in this story continues to fall from grace. Engineering Explained put out a 22 minute expose on youtube yesterday detailing the mathematics and physics behind the run and concludes using his scientific knowledge and research that the car probably traveled closer to a speed between 224 mph and 243 mph. 

Engineering Explained also managed to get Jarod Shelby on a phone call to get some extra details for his equations, adding a heavy layer of legitimacy to his claims and calculations.

This means that despite the hype, the Tuatara is still nowhere near as fast as the Koenigsegg Agera RS that currently holds the record with its 284.55 mph run. Shelby claims that the Tuatara has a ‘theoretical top speed’ of 345 mph (breaking the coveted 500 kph barrier), but in order for that claim to be legitimate, we’re going to have to see a real video without all the tom-foolery involved.