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The Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection

The Bentley Bentayga is a rare car in most parts of the world, I know there are regions where these are a dime a dozen, but usually seeing a Bentayga on the road is rare for many people, but the clientele for this luxurious SUV mostly is a breed apart, they are the people that don’t want the stately Rolls Royce Cullinan, and aren’t really interested in the more sporty Lamborghini Urus, nor a Porsche Cayenne, not even the very potent Turbo GT version, and naturally an Audi Q8 isn’t an option either for these customers, a Bentley customer is looking for something different: enough power to get them anywhere in a hurry, but still while being seated in opulent luxury along the way.

That’s the typical customer for a Bentley Bentayga, and while the normal options list is already looking like an encyclopedia, things get a lot more complicated when the client turns to Bentley Mulliner, the in-house design studio that brings dreams to life on four wheels, Mulliner has been creating bespoke Bentaygas for a while now, and recently they unveiled the Bentayga Speed Étoile that celebrates moves from the Russian Ballet, and now the Bentley Mulliner Atelier comes up with the Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection.

Three unique specifications created by the Mulliner Atelier that will be available on just 11 units of the Bentley Bentayga, no more, specifically made to celebrate traditional British outdoor pursuits and boasting three different themes: angling, horse riding, and dog walking, and these cars come with bespoke details on the exterior, but more importantly with meticulously detailed interiors showing once again the exemplary workmanship from the Bentley Mulliner artisans.

These Bentley Bentayge Outdoor Pursuits collection models coma with a woodland embroidery scene, hand cross-stitching seen on the interior stitching, but also a bespoke chrome overlay onto the passenger fascia to pull attention to the specific theme for this version. These Bentley Mulliner limited production Bentayga also show a new woven wool finish on the inside of the doors, seatback pockets while grab-handles and further detailing around the instrument panel add further depth of natural textures and materials to the already class-leading interior.

The special Sand Herringbone Tweed was selected by Mulliner to complement the interior design, boasting a classic color harmony with both the main and secondary leathers found throughout the luxuriously appointed Interior. For the exterior of these special Bentayga models, Mulliner limited the color pallette for customers to choose from the Havana, Cumbrian Green, and Magnetic.

The fascia in front of the passenger uses a straight line veneer called Liquid Amber, which comes with a boxwood inlay as an edge for the dark fiddleback eucalyptus veneer seen on the fascia and the waist rails, the client has a choice of possible inlays, the show car seen in this article comes with the fly-fishing scene, but you can also choose a jumping horse motif, British foxhounds, or just the plain ‘Mulliner’ script.

The Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Pursuit Collection version will come with 22-inch wheels, the ten-spoke version from Bentley, but with additional paint to match the bodywork of the car, while the spokes are diamond turned and polished to create some stunning contrast, while a bespoke accessory is available in the form of a Hunter flask that comes bound in the exact same leather as seen on the interior, even the key comes in its own, Mulliner branded box.

If you are looking to add an exclusive Bentley Bentayga to your driveway, you might want to get in touch with your local Bentley dealer and have the Mulliner Atelier create one of these 11 Outdoor Pursuit Collection cars just for you.