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This Custom-Built 1200-Horsepower Lamborghini Huracan Is Insane

Zyrus Engineering, a firm based in Norway, has taken it upon themselves to completely reimagine the Lamborghini Huracan and produced this insane racecar based on the Super Trofeo.

They call this creation, the ‘Zyrus LP1200 R” and it looks as intimidating as it sounds. This isn’t some aftermarket trim-level, either. Zyrus claims that they have included over 600 custom parts to completely reimagine this Huracan.

Zyrus took it upon themselves to take the stock Huracan engine and slap a twin-turbocharging kit into the mix. With a heroic tune, this car’s V12 now produces an astonishing 1200 horsepower. If the 1200 ponies freak you out a little bit, you can reduce the engine’s total power output to 900 horsepower using their app.

Power means nothing if the weight increases. Power to weight ratio can be very important, especially when it comes to track-focused racecars. This Huracan has managed to hit the gym and has shed enough fat to bring the total weight of the car to 2,645 pounds.

The wheels are fully custom for maximum weight-saving capabilities, Ohlins has a part in the suspension components with the introduction of new dampers, carbon-ceramic brakes make an appearance as well as an Xtrac sequential transmission. Oh yeah… what’s the point of a twin-turbo V12 if it doesn’t break your eardrums? The new and shiny titanium exhaust system should help on that front.

LP1200 Strada has a starting price of 595,000 euros and includes a track-day with official Zyrus engineers.