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VIDEO: Engadget Takes a Closer Look at the 331 MPH SSC Tuatara

So, So Fast

The SSC Tuatara has managed to smash the 300 mph barrier. Yesterday, we reported on the fact that the car was able to hit 331 mph. This morning, we want to share with you a video that takes a closer look at the SSC Tuatara. This video comes from Engadget and is more of a detailed look at the company itself as opposed to the 331 mph run that the Tuatara does.

However, the 331 mph run is the subject of the video. The car that is able to make this run is an insane machine and one that we’ve talked about in the past.

For those who don’t know, the Tuatara features 5.9L twin-turbo V8 and packaged it around a fully carbon fiber chassis. The engine is capable of producing around 1,750 hp and in a car that weighs just 2750 pounds (~1250 kg), that’s a crazy amount of power.

It’s this power to weight ratio as well as the car’s sleek aerodynamic design that allowed it to hit the 331 mph top speed. It’s a truly impressive car, and Engadget does a good job of laying out what the vehicle and the company are all about.