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VIDEO: Koenigsegg Regera 0-186 MPH Rocket Ship Takeoff

1500 Horsepower Never Looked Faster

The new Koenigsegg Regera should be the dictionary definition of “hypercar” boasting an impressive 1500 hybrid horsepower with the addition of its 3 electric motors to its 5L twin-turbo V8 engine. 

AutoTopNL got to experience the raw insanity first hand in this video, and I can only say I’m jealous they could be present for the experience. Koenigsegg claims this is a new record; going 0-249 mph before returning back to 0 in a blistering 33.29 seconds. That’s wicked fast insanity in it’s purest form.

Watching the clip the first time I was listening closely and waiting for the car to shift but to no avail. Today I learned the car can hit 300 km/h without even changing gears due to Koenigsegg opting for a hydraulic coupling system instead of a traditional transmission. That’s a lot of saved time as banging through gears will lose you some precious time in your 0-100 no matter what.

I immediately took note of the computer system working with the car to ensure traction is never lost in the run, maximizing torque to slingshot the car to speed. Modern technology really has your back in these machines.

You can even see them rocking the car back and forth at viciously high speeds to showcase how unbelievably stable the car is at race-pace. My biggest concern with these record-breaking cars is stability at speed as I’ve seen too many videos of Vipers doing 360 spinouts due to the horsepower numbers supercar manufacturers are relentlessly pursuing these days.

I think this may be my new favorite hypercar.