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Koenigsegg Jesko

Koenigsegg Regera Sets New 0-400-0 Km/h World Record

In Just 31.49 Seconds

Forget 0-60 mph times. Koenigsegg is interested in something a little more extreme for its Regera hypercar. The vehicle recently set a world record for doing a 0-400-o km/h run in just 31.49 seconds. That’s a sprint from a stop to 249 mph and back down to zero for those of us who don’t use the metric system.

The company was the previous record holder for the feat, so it has retained the crown but with a different car this time. According to Carscoops, the company had perfect weather conditions with hardly any wind, a 61-degree Fahrenheit temperature, and an altitude of roughly 230 feet above sea level. In other words, it was the right day for this test. The 1,500 hp hypercar certainly did its thing at the Rada airfield in Sweden.

Sonny Persson was at the wheel of the car. The run was made on September 23. The automaker decided to hold onto the information for a few days so that it could take its time announcing it. Previously, the Agera RS was the car that held the record. It did so with a 33.29-second run in 2017. That run took place in Nevada in the United States.

There’s a video of the car doing its thing below. In it, Christain von Koenigsegg says the Regara actually broke two world records, but he didn’t say what the other one was. Carscoops suggest it might be Bugatti’s recent 304 mph run, and the end of the video seems to support that.