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VIDEO: Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 on track

Backfiring V12 Lamborghini Insanity

Earlier this month we got to see a sneak-peek photo of Lamborghini SC’s open cockpit speedster concept testing on track. Here’s the Essenza SCV12 (what the speedster appears to be based off of) on the track to display its symphony of V12 exhaust note greatness.

Holy crap does this thing ever sound wild. The naturally aspirated V12 engine produces 830 horsepower with the exhaust piping through a full Capristo system to produce what can only be described as a screaming-loud supercar. No turbo whistles to be found here, just shifts and engine grunt.

The X-trac six-speed sequential transmission goes to work with seamless shifting, and you can hear the auto-blip on the downshift in the video making this as close to a racecar as you can get.

Lamborghini currently plans only producing 40 of these monsters with reports stating it will cost around $3.5 million USD making it the second most expensive car the brand has ever built behind the 5.3 million dollar Lamborghini Veneno. 

In the event you do end up buying one (let’s face it, none of us have $3.5 million for a track toy), Lamborghini has an exclusive club for all 40 owners that provides you with the option to take your racecar to the words most famous racetracks.

Don’t feel comfortable storing your multi-million dollar supercar in your own garage? No problem. You can’t take it home anyway – just like the Ferrari FXX K. Lamborghini will be holding onto your car between track days in a personalized garage with a webcam feature allowing you to admire your investment from a great distance.