Jan 1, 1970
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    Porsche = Best sports car.<BR>Audi = Best luxary car.<BR>Toyota = Best truck / best 2 door car for under 25g's.<BR>Nissan = Best 4 door car for under 25g's.<BR>ford/chevy/dodge = Good for a laugh!_____________________________________________<BR>2001 Porsche Sportec 911 Turbo Stage 4, silver, 3400lb's, 600HP,0-60 in 3.3 sec., and a top speed of 332kph/206.3mph, need i say more?_____________________________________________<BR>the Viper is known as the best american car made, but it was designed by lambo, and is owned by merc. does that sound like it's "american" to you?_____________________________________________<BR> The Porsche GT, and Enzo are about $200,000 apart, yet they are VERY close cars in almost all ways, and people are debating witch one is better, when for the price of one enzo you could buy a Porsche C-GT and a GT2. hell, the price diff. between the C-GT and the enzo is bigger then that of the civic vs the GT2, but yet no one compairs those cars, why? because the Porsche is so good, it compairs with cars that cost 1.5 times what it costs, thats Porsche kickin' the ass of the avg. Enzo driver, one day at a time...<BR>_____________________________________________<BR>Retards list:<BR>"stefaNOS" "Race0Killa0TD" "Atman" "ShadowAngelOfGod77" "World Trade Center 2" "Cadilac 16" "nnewton" and "love of cars"<BR><BR>"People that qoute them self's are dumb" -TurboPorsche