£300 million flying palace

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  1. £300 million flying palace

    Quote from luxuo.com;

    Airbus A380 Superjumbo Private Flying Palace
    June 6th, 2009

    Builders Design Q expect to deliver the first plane in three years.

    Possible buyers are thought to include the owner of the Savoy Hotel Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal.

    An unkown buyer from Middle Eastern prince has spend £300 million ($482 million!) for a luxurious Airbus A380 private jet, which is being designed by Worcestershire-based firm Design Q.

    The converted Airbus A380 is expected to be ready in three years time and will hold the title of the world's largest private jet.

    In a space normally given to 600 passengers, the owner and his guests will enjoy five-star treatment from the moment of arrival.

    According to Design Q's co-founder Gary Doy, the belly of the A380 has been turned into a relaxation zone, including a Turkish bath lined with marble only two millimetres thick to keep the weight down.

    Mr Doy added: "It is something very, very special and there is nothing like it on the market yet.

    We are not trying to put a hotel in the air, it is tailored to the needs of flying, and has unique features which fit into that.

    The Turkish bath is particularly spectacular, a steam room with marble, low lights and lots of spa treatments to choose from."

    There is also a unique well-being room that has floors and walls turned into giant screens showing the ground below. Guests can enjoy a unique flying experience by stepping on to the magic carpet as a cool scented breeze blows in the room.

    Some of the other features of this luxurious jet include an onboard garage and a lift that shuttles between the three magnificent floors, from the private quarters upstairs, down to the concert hall.

    The flying Palace has five suites with king-size beds, high-tech entertainment systems and prayer room with computer controlled mats that always face Mecca.

    Besides private suites there is also a board room for mid-air business meetings and 20 "sleepers" - the equivalent of First Class seats - for extra guests.

    I'll take 2 please ¦ Via DailyMail (photos + article)
  2. the magic carpet is pretty awesome.
  3. ive always thought airplanes should have cool clear floors, which is not what this is, but almost as good
  4. Next thing you know, rap stars will be putting custom A380's in their vids.
  5. I'm taking T-pain w/ me if I win a trip on this.
  6. Yeah, it's not like people are starving on this planet or anything.
  8. i like it. it needs a garden though and a small backup jet.
  9. lol, way out of their league.
  10. arabs LOL
  11. Haha, maybe when they start pulling in Billionaire Hotel Owner money.
  12. The underbelly hold of all widebodies, including A380, has only about 170 cm headroom, allowing 162 cm high cargo containers. A Phantom is 163 cm high, so problematic. And SUVs are simply too high for airplane belly.
  13. This would make an awesome setting for an action movie.
  14. Perhaps they made the second deck higher? Also, this is an A380, so they could distribute the height difference between the two decks.
  15. holy cock thats awesome
  16. From the pictures, it looks like the lift's floors are the two floors in the plane, and the tarmac below the plane. Not its internal hold.

    Edit: I lied. The first picture is misleading.
  17. Hay: Custom-built A380. They can do what the **** they want with the floors.

    BTW that magic carpet room sounds freakin' awesome. Blows a scented breeze through the room? Only an arab would think of that.
  18. Since A380 is not a circular fuselage, both decks carry pressurization loads.
  19. £300 million = ability to change the floor height. Also, im pretty sure that being an arab, the phantom will have £30,000 rims and be at least 3cms lower, hence no problem fitting in the hold.
  20. "Also, im pretty sure that being an arab, the phantom will have £30,000 rims and be at least 3cms lower, hence no problem fitting in the hold."

    Rolls-Royce is duly offering the Ghost, which is 8 cm lower.
  21. I think my best friends dad will be doing the custom interior electrical design for this plane. He mentioned that they were doing an A380 soon for saudis (saudis are like 90% of their business), so I assume its this one.
  22. id love to see this IRL
  23. You're my favorite new member.

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