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  1. Does anyone knows in how much time would a Formula1 do the 0-100km/h(62mph) and how much would do the 0-200km/h(124mph)???????
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    0-100kph 1.8-3s
    0-225kph 5s
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    Are you #$%#ing kidding me????????? That's impossible, they can't get to 225 KPH in 5 seconds!!!!
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    i was more suprised about the o-100 kph time.
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    No, he is not kidding, they do 0-300km/h in about 10 secs flat.
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    I knew F1 cars were capable of amazing accellerations, but 0-300 in 10 seconds flat??????????
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    Damn right, at the British GP at Silverstone this year they accelerate from 0-180 mph (288 km/h) then brake back down to 50mph (80km/h) before the first corner. If you watch the race on video, this takes about 10.5 secs.
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    Jesus H. Christ!!!!!!
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    Does anyone know how fast they could go in a 1/4 mile?
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    quarter mile times are probably in the low 8's....that's damn crazy acceleration!!!

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