0-60mph in 4.4 sec

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    A great write up indeed!
    I agree with Mark Wan(the author) about both the NSX and the S2000 (I have both cars in my garage) for the most part, in facts and data stated. But I must disagree with his personal opinions on them. Like the S2000 having an un-racelike chasis (I thought a stiff chasis like the S2k's are what's required for race cars?), CHEAP interior (I agree to some point when compared to cars NOT its price and class) AND CHEAP exterior (The popularity of the S2k in the US can prove him wrong, as even some Domestic Iron fans love the styling so much they bought one for themselves!).
    Regardless, the review of both cars is 99 % accurate and VERY entertaining. Bravo Mr. Wan!

    FYI the new NSX R was tested at Nurburgring. According to BestMotoring Special of this car, It lapped the northern loop in 7 min. 56 sec. all of which the feat was video recorded! Congrats!
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    hey, where can i get that video?
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    i guess those corvette lovers out there wont have much to say about this seeing that this can murder the "best" corvette ever, the z06.
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    yes, that's why u don't see any "anti-japanese cars" people here!
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    I am a anti jap person. Haha what is it with you and your hondas, and acuras. These cars are ok for trips to the landry mat, but for racing, think agian. 0-60 in 4.4 secs. Ok you are getting there but that wont murder a vette Z06. The 2002 Z06 goes 0-60 in 3.9 secs. So open your eyes. There will never be a day where a v-6 jap beats a v-8 muscle.
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    There will also never be a under 300hp V8 mustsell that can beat a V6 Japanese sports car.
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    so, a diablo 6.0, an ultimate street car, with way over and near 600hp will have a 0-60 at 3.4secs... all in first gear... and he think corvette with 405hp will make 3.9?
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    Actually, the best time registered on a Z06, was 4.06 In 0-60, accomplished by Motor Trend, they said that there's too much wheelspin if you rev "too" high (like 2600 RPM was enough), and that this is not a car for beginners. Guess what, the great mayority of the American cars lovers, are so dumbass when driving, not to mention the sport-driving, that even a regular RWD car looks like a challenge for them. And, finally, I don't diss the NSX and Z06 even a single second, and also I don't with the american sportcars drivers; but c'mon, there too much rednecks out there. . .

    Well back to the NSX-R, I think that it can outhandle so much things out there. Only very few contenders can match to this car, even a modena can't get this so easy; and, with a good driver, the NSX-R would win, with hurries, but wins. So, in conclussion, It's very interesting the way that the NSX-R gets It's own merits.

    P.D: Dont come and post like: "That's crap, a Mustang Boss can trash this out", or "No way, the Koenigsegg CC can outhandle this crap", because they are different propuses and levels.
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    funny... accually it doesn't
    not to the 3.9 is clutchless... most ppl get 4, still faster
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    Most car journalists get 4.5
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    atleast japs know proper grammer, "i am a anti jap person..." it's AN anti jap, genius
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    3.9 seconds? in ur dream, most car journalisits got 4.5secs. OK, let say u DO get 3.9 secs, but it doesn't take a japanese V6 to beat the V8, a lancer evolution VII extreme is enough to beat it, it does 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and has a 2.0L turbo, u didn't say turbo wasn't allowed!
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    Re: 0-60mph in 4.4 sec


    You guys have to watch this.

    The NSX-R is only 0.8 seconds slower than the GT2 and 2.8 seconds quikcer than the Carrera 4S at Sugo. That is not slow, and is performance way beyond what its hp should allow it to do. Ehemm...Evo Magazine said the Corvette cannot even take on the 4S and has iffy high speed handling.

    Enjoy the video while it lasts!

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    The actual rival of "R" is 360 Challenger/GT and 911 GT3.
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    Yes thats right, the 911 Turbo cannot touch this in a race on the twisties.
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    It actually could but It would be very close
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    Sorry but the new Z06 broke 8 minutes at Nuremburg (sp?) too. As much as i love the NSX, the Corvette is still a better performer.
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    we need proof
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    Yes, I agree. Where's the proof
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    i have the NSX-R prove that broke the 8min in Nurburing and i've putted on WinMX if interested...but still lookin for the zo6 video that broke the 8min...if there's one.
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    Just wondering, is this car in production yet?? Cuz it says 2001, then a "Concept" So I'm just wondering if it's being made. Or has it been made.

    Since you have mentioned that 0-60 is 4.4 seconds, may I ask what is its 1/4 mile time?

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    The NSX-R was made from 1994-1999, then this concept was made in 2001, and the NSX-R was again released in 2002.
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    Correct, and still a damn fine car, I'm sure most of you will agree!
    Still saving...

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