0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. the problem is that we're continuously proving our side, and you're continuously proving you're a #$%#ing retard.
  2. why cant you accept that ( AT least in Philosphy terms)

    Infinity + 1 does in fact = infinty +1.

    I swear! go google it.
  3. There's no philosophy in math. This is why you don't go to college.

    EDIT: Ad infinity + 1 = infinity + 1 doesn't make sense ANYWHERE. Infinity isn't a number, you can't ADD to it.
  4. but infinity + 1 still equals infinity. not to mention, philosophy isnt math.
  5. I dont honestly accept this term. I cant. WHy is everyone getting mad that I dont think the same?

  6. Which is why a university didn't honestly accept you. Just kill yourself now.
  7. Because there's nothing opinion about it. You're just wrong.
  8. because the fact that you think this topic has room for opinion is what makes you a retard. you "not thinking the same" does not make you deep or smart in your own deep way, it makes you #$%#ing ignorant and stupid. there is no room for your opinion in this topic, because this topic has no room for anyones opinion.
  9. WTF?!

    I go to college, and I took Philosophy in college!

    and Logic is heavily involved with mathematics.

    Now Im really disturbed. You all are calling me stupid, but you dont know how Logic is related with math?!?!
  10. Philosophy has NOTHING to do with logic. Please shut up now.
  11. your logic is not related to math. everything we've explained to you is perfectly logical and perfectly correct and has been explained to you in 400000 different ways that you wont accept despite the fact that they are more logical than the "logic" you seem to follow.
  12. Oh really?

    Is that why the different Philosophy classes have Logic as well?
  13. What if I was able to disprove all of you through a valid link and fact?

    I just want to know what would everyone do then?
  14. you're officialy the worst member ever.
  15. You can't disprove math, Koko.

    EDIT: But do post the link, I need a good laugh.
  16. you cant though. thats the point.
  17. Why don't you do it and find out? Oh wait, you can't...
  18. I didnt say I can. I said what if I did.

    Im not saying I will either. but just be a sport and answer the question.
  19. What would I do if you posted a link and a "fact?" I'd laugh.
  20. if you could post a link proving us all wrong, then you would be right. but you CANT. wtf is wrong with you?
  21. Youd proably laugh, then drop dead.

    Anyways I have to close up my store. It was fun chatting with all of you

    and Im glad to cause 10 pages because of this.

  22. You really are an idiot.
  23. You didn't cause 10 pages, you caused one and a half. Go home.
  24. and if i could post a link proving i was Jesus from the Bible you would drop dead as well.
  25. h-o-l-y s-h-i-t, I am officially e-pissed.

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