0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

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  1. Don't ask him that, because he's not going to be able to come up with an answer.
  2. STFU and help answer the question
  3. It's going to be one meter.
  4. There is your answer. 0.9999 converges to 1. If you had a piece of string that was only half a meter, then the pieces would add up to a half, not to 1.
  5. OOOOOhhh, ok. Thanx for not being a total douche about it as well.
  6. Whatever. Either post some concrete evidence supporting what you just said or shut up. I seriously hate people who talk like this.
  7. he can't. Like neoptalumus said he's just here to call people stupid.
  8. This is the best post, ever.
  10. What the hell?
  11. Oh SNAP! GREAT analogy!
  12. assuming you're trying to explain the notion of multiple parallel universes, you sucked at explaining it. HARD. otherwise, it still sounded dumb as hell.
  13. Your question also hints a little bit at one of the applications of this fact. If 0.999... equals 1, then we can confidentally state that 1.999... equals 2 and so on. We can also extend it to different orders of magnitude, so 0.346999... equals 0.347 or 1199.999... equals 1200. It's the same thing, just with a little twist.
  14. It's not as funny because Draper was like 11.

    Koko is a 30 year old Mexican, who goes to "college"
  16. I know I had some spelling mistakes in my post and I apologise.

    You asked for evidence.
    We all know that the Universe is always expanding, correct?
    Ok that means that if we were to freeze time at a certain instant, the universe would indeed have an end.

    That's as basic as I can put it.
  17. That's not how it works.
  18. o...k... Mind telling me what?

    If you're saying we can't freeze time, thanks I really didn't know that.

    If there's another point you mind sharing it?
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  20. When someone says that the universe is expanding, that means that each point in space is moving farther away from one another, in an infinite space. It's not like a balloon.
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    The big bang theory doesn't necessarily put a boundary on the size of the universe.
  22. That doesn't mean the universe doesn't have an edge. That just means it literaqlly has all the space in the world to grow.
  23. Oh I get it. It's like gas filling up the sky.
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    Strangerously enough, our latest data indicates spayycce is curved outward, like a saddle, rather than being perfectly flat or like a ball. The expansion of the universe is, in fact, increasing. At least, as near as we can tell.
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    As for the recent debate in this thread about the size of the universe: "There is disagreement over whether the universe is indeed finite or infinite in spatial extent"


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