0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

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  1. How do you have 1k posts already god damnit.
  2. i was looking for this definition of them (minds been on tons of other stuff since calc 2). I think you can also do it using taylor/maclaurin series for more complex terms.

    and IIRC you can have conditionally convergent things also, but thats not the most fresh of memories.
  3. Damn geeks.
  4. What's the square root of -1?
  6. i
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    I can understand anybody's logic in this thread as it all makes sense. The reason people see things so differently is the people who think it doesn't equal one haven't comprehended the definition of infinite.
  8. plenty of proofs in the links provided.
  9. You're right, but if your graph it, it approaches one, but will never reach it.
  10. no, if you graph it it will be one. a number cannot "approach" something. an equation can, a number cannot.
  11. Yeah.
  12. Actually, a number can approach another number. Thats how this thing works. When you're doing the series for .99999...., you say as n approaches infinity, the series approaches 1. When you take the limit, then n "is" infinity, and the series converges to 1.
  13. No. 1 is equal to one, which is a rational number. 0.9repeating is equal to 0.9 repeating, which is an irrational number.
  14. No, you idiot, irrational numbers are decimals that go on forever and NEVER repeat. Like the square root of 2, or pi(so far).
  15. Oh word? Lol. I still disagree. 0.9 repeating is 0.9 repeating, not one.
  16. Well, you're wrong. I can't tell if you're joking to stir up this thread, or just retarded.

    Note: Even if you're joking, you're retarded
  17. a series is not a number. a number is a constant. a series is the sum of a sequentially ordered finite or (as in this case) infinite set of terms.
  19. Anybody who disagrees hasn't taken calc.
  21. How do you know?!
  22. Well, considering I wasn't the one who made the thread, and I actually contributed my own long post that this guy ignored, I wasn't going to type the same thing again. He didn't even attempt to make an argument.
  23. How could the universe possibly have an end?
  24. 1=1=2/2=45/45=.999999999...

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