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  1. the next gen corvette will be here in 04 as an 05 model.. today in Mtrend they released info on the engine of the next gen ls engine the base model should have about 400hp... there sould be a Z06 model with an engine based on Caddilac Sixteen engine... well half way anyway, literally, it will be Half of the XV16 producing just over 500 hp, while at the same time being a V8 weighing much less then the V-10 in the Viper, total the new Z06 model should weigh about 250lbs less then the viper, with an engine that produces the same torque and horse power. look out viper here comes the new Vette!

    if you want to see pics of what the new Vette MIGHT look like, check out motortrend.com or buy the april issue... the pics dont show quite what is truly expected of the new corvette (admitted by motortrend) they believe it will be a little more dramatic looking. well i for one cant wait to see it, perhaps in New York we'll get a chance to see the REAL version.
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    Dude, I hope you saw the new Car and Driver. Not only did it have real pictures of the new C6, but it said what the new engine will be: A modified LS1 bored and stroked to 6.3 liters making roughly 430HP...and that is the base engine!!!

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    the base model is a 6.0 310kw Gen IV and then next modle is a 6.2 that should produce around 330kw, and then a 6.6 liter version that will produce 360kw thats good numbers, and they are all Gen IVs twin cam push rods. still as crap as the gen III so they uped the size
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