100 Coolest Cars

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  1. revolutionary

    merc and bmw and shit are going on about having adaptive headlamps that turn as you turn...the DS had them 50 years ago

    Hydrpneumatic suspension - ride comfort and body control still hard to beat, even by todays cars with regular suspension.

    first mass-produced car to have disc brakes.

    space-aged design...imagine seeing that driving down your road in the 50s

    there are other reasons...but yeh, this car was completely revolutionary
  2. I pretty much agree on that list as a hole. But if #100 is the least cool and #1 is the most, then I don't... I mean Porsche 911 is #2...
  3. funny, i thought this was a what's cool list, not a what's rare list.

    i would've had a cobra R in there, as well as a tucker.
  4. 300zx is on there, but not the supra or NSX. That right there nullifies the creators of this list.
  5. Quite an ok list I gotta say.
  6. I wonder what #1 was?
  7. the zonda and murcielago should be on there. very few cars create the sort of attention these can
  8. WHAAAAT!!! Why in the hell is the corvette stingray #1?
  9. This list is a failure...
  10. Seriously, some of this cars can be considered sports cars, supercars or whatever, but Cool? I don't know....

    99. Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo
    97. Subaru WRX P1
    95. BMW 635CSi
    94. Facel Vega HK500
    93. Chrysler 300C Hemi
    92. 1939 Lincoln Zephyr two-door
    91. Lotus Esprit S1
    90. Mercedes-Benz 500E
    88. Iso Grifo
    86. 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
    83. 1951 Hudson Hornet
    82. Ferrari 288GTO
    80. 1946 Chrysler Town and Country
    79. Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 cabriolet
    78. 1940 Cadillac 60 Special
    69. Auburn 851 "Boattail" Speedster
    67. 1961-71 Mini Cooper
    63. 1949 Cadillac Sedanette
    57. Bentley Continental GT
    40. Porsche Carrera GT
    18. Jaguar XKSS
    11. Citroen SM
    6. Duesenberg J/SJ/SSJ
  11. The Facel Véga HK500 and the Citroën SM can be considered being übercool
  12. The Panda should be on that list damnit.... If only the Italian Job was on the 80s and they'd used tuned Pandas....
  13. Old Panda 4x4 = C00L
  14. FACT
  15. C00L

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  16. You've probably never seen or heard a 427 Stingray.
  17. I've heard of the 427 stingray but way that car as #1?
  18. I said heard, not heard of.

    Also, you think Honda built the Supra and as a result have had your opinion priveleges revoked.
  19. Number 96, definately a cool car.
  20. This has to be one of the poorest lists I have seen in a long time.

    While I respect these kind of things are just opinion and that every country has there own view. I can't respect any list that doesn't have the E-type in the top three.
  21. there must be a M5 in that list
    and CAR magazine's list more realistic
  22. Yo, you got that list all wrong(Where is McLaren?). Some of the cars belong to the list, i guess people have different minds and opinions.

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