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  1. So it's Lotec, SSC, Koenig, Bugatti, Hennessey, Saleen, and now Koenigsegg... Who's next?

    At least Koenigsegg didn't resort to turbos and also got smart with the fuel. What's next for them?
  2. koenigsegg are the greatest.they rule everything.
  3. I like Saleen and SSC.
  4. The SSC is a steaming pile of shit.
  5. YES!
  6. I like The Lotec, as you all know already... most power, but also the oldest, the sirius was supposed to be buyable in 1995, but the arab that didnt pay for the c1000TT made it undoable!

    By the way, i think that te Porsche with the mission to do 400+ has 1000 horsepowers! and the Gemballa mirage evolution. but you were almost right!
  7. ssc are great, lotec are to old and koenigsegg get better and better
  8. maybe lotec is old, but they still kick ass! would smoke that SCC of yours!
  9. ssc are built on a kitcar chassis, KITCAR! not very good!
  10. kitcars can be good. this is
  11. maybe its good, but it could be better, but the engine is almost perfect! loads of power in every rev!
  12. Koenigsegg a kit car? lol you're an idiot
  13. we are talking about the ssc, not this, this is great!!!
  14. I coulda sworn the SSC was built on a Lamborghini chassis.. but i may be wrong. "The veyron looking like a more rounded version of a Beetle with nicer rims and mostly in 2 tone paint." -RadAL, sc.net retard on the SSC Aero." Yeah I agree with that statement it sorta does look like a beetle..
  15. this is a great car and all but if i had a choice between a 1000bhp i would get the bugati.
  16. Gumpert's next
  17. i'd put my money on ruf as they seem to be the only porshe tuners that haven't done a 1000bhp 911.
  18. amen, the ssc is just a "down-tuned" dragster, and we all know they dont handle, the veyron is the best of the 1000bhp club
  19. nah, flower power! Veyron is expensive enough already and is even more expensive when you add gas into the mix.

    I like the Aero's chances of topping the Veyron.
  20. Man the Konigs makes one proud to call em self a Swed!
  21. id get this. its way cooler and the veyron uses a lot more fuel and the veyron is made by volkswagon and they suck.
  22. yeah.vw are crap.the veyrons a dinosour.
  23. Don't forget the Bristol Fighter T. It's ranked at 1012 bhp. Packs a punch but not sure if it's going to beat the Veyron or the SSC's. Lotec looks like it weighs too much to use full force of it's power. I might be wrong but, it's worth a shot to see all of those cars out there with 1000 bhp and over to race each other.
  24. Consider this: the fastest car in the world (the SSC Ultimate Aero TT), the best accelerating car in the world (besides the Caparo T1 obviously: the Ultima GTR), the best braking cars in the world (the Ultima GTR and the Radical SR8), the best handling cars in the world (the Radical and the Ultima again), and the fastest car ever to lap the Nurburgring (the Radical) are all built on a "KITCAR CHASSIS." These chassis designs are FAR BETTER than any mass produced designs because their low volume production, custom design, and hand-made construction makes them more focused and less compromising than mass production designs.

    Production chassis designs:

    Usually shared between several different models and held over with little or no change from year to year.

    "Kitcar" chassis designs: Custom engineered by the world's foremost designers, engineers, and racing experts (often lifted from F1 teams) to do one job and one job only: make one specific car a world-beater.

    The results speak for themselves!

  25. You are VERY RIGHT.

    The Fighter T is supposed to be way over 1000 bhp with the "Correct" turbo and exhaust systems.

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