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  4. VERY.
  5. 2008 was a fantastic year! We had tons of great discussions and much fun was had by all. In total we made 1420 posts and added 67 new threads to the mix. Granted, most of those came from the core 8-10 users on Max-Attack, but occasionally other people would join in the fun as well.

    And to that end, I'd like to make a resolution for 2009. The health and growth of Max-Attack is directly related to two things: the administration (me) and the amount of traffic it receives. So for 2009 I'm going to do a much better job of running this place and I'm also going to post at least once a day. But I obviously need your help to keep this place from effectively turning into a private blog. So I'm calling on all of you to post more often to keep this place from getting unbalanced.

    And as always, please shoot me an e-mail if you've forgotten your password and I'll get things straightened out ASAP.
  6. lol vicious is gay
  7. dude vicous is awesomw ok
    so are you though<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    and me
    and sc.net
  8. I see you're recovering from a bypass surgery. Shouldn't have brought up this topic. Die in peace.
  10. where is Panda to stfu all of us with his third-world vigilante justice?
  11. man wheres the love?
    this is sc.net man
    love every1
  12. Obviously having a siesta.
  13. RadAL* Mc777*
  14. man his lazy ass needs to wake the **** up lol
  15. Bring Jewforce and large PENIS back <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. Well you're old and miserable.
  17. He got deported.
  18. your mom goes to college
  20. good thread

  21. She's a teacher.
  22. to where? fourth-world?
  23. I'll take that one.
  24. He was mowing my lawn until ICE grabbed him.
  25. ultimas foot avatar is gross

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