118 Wally Power.

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  2. I definitely think the 118 Wally Power is the best-looking boat I have ever seen. I don't know why it is so rare to find a boat that is a colour other than white. Also, I love the design of the interior of the 118; it is very modern. I mean, what other boat of this nature could attract such attention when docked?
  3. The thing is, a lot of owners are not 20 years old, and a lot of them don't want to shout at the world "I just paid 30 million for this boat" ... which is exactly what the wally does ...
  4. I agree with oyu completely. Many rich people would not want this boat. If I had a few billion dollars to play with, this is the vessel
    I would choose (hence "I definitely THINK" meaning that this is my opinion).
  5. does anyone have any high-res pics of the Wally?
  6. Every boat the Wally goes against with scream " I paid 30 million (at least) ! .

    A Mangusta is worth 10m$ and its not evena yacht.
  7. No, the other boats say it, the Wally shouts it!! LOL

    Actually, yeah, you make more sense than me. Which raises still the question of why personal yachts are so traditional?
  8. Oh yeah, I remember, that one the Hulkster and the other guy had, right?
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