$120,000 for THIS!!!!

Discussion in '1998 Isotta Fraschini T8' started by Live4Speed, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. If I seem shoked at the price it's cos you can buy a top Merc for less.
  2. Re: $120,000 for THIS!!!!

    Yeah, if I had the money I'd spend it on something else.
  3. Re: $120,000 for THIS!!!!

    Did they actually sell any of these?
  4. Re: $120,000 for THIS!!!!

    wtf 120,000$?!?!? u sure? it looks kinda like a cadillac or an audi A8
  5. Re: $120,000 for THIS!!!!

    No way I would pay 120,000 for this thing. Could get something much better for that.
  6. This car should give me a bj for that price and those looks.

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