14 year old prodigy

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  1. damn hes good. very nice
  2. yea he is extreamly good
  3. Dont really care how he achieved his results. That's really great work.

  4. i wanna kill him and steal his talent
  5. i kind of agree. if he enjoys drawing cars that much he could at least experiment with designing his own or something.
  6. thats impressive
  7. Apparently some of you mentioned this already.

    mabye it doesnt matter but somehow this kid although it seems good, is somehow tracing or something directly from pictures every single shadow and detail. Look at these two pictures (his is the red one). He must be taking every possible dimension from photos and copying absolutely everything. I would doubt one line is thought up by himself.

    Still the pics are nice though. Just thought id point it out.
  8. Well, Im no longer impressed. Good call. He's more like a 14 year old scam artist.

    If you cut and paste the red one over the yellow one, then rotate it and adjust the red ones opacity. Youll see that EVERY highlight/deminsion matches EXACT.

    Just make sure your lower the yellow ones size down to 600.

    Heres a pic of what Im talking about with the red vettes opacity at 40%.
  9. at first sight i thought they were photos [honest] apart from the black and whites ones of course
  10. hes only 15, give him a break
  11. even if you look at it that way, it's still amazing that he can trace so well.
  12. Its some guy in his 40s using photoshop.
  13. Umm, most realism artists draw directly from pictures they've taken.
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    Here's a slight flaw that a lot of people don't notice and it proves that he does draw these. If you look a the grille of this Cougar you'll notice that every verticle bar isn't exactly paralell, like it should be if it was an exact picture. Drawing perfect bars like that while using perspective is really hard to do and he proves it by not making every one exact. http://www.geocities.com/stuffbyalex/1967MercuryCougar.jpg
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    I emailed him. He said he uses whats called the "Grid Method". Thats why his drawings are so exact. Basically a grid with carefull measurements. Still not as impressive as pure free-hand, and Im still not as impressed as when I thought it was all free-hand. None the less it is still good work though.
  16. Sheesh. Look at the drawing of the Viper SRT10 SC.net has a wallpaper of that. Amazing. What really amazed me was the perfect rendition and proportion of his drawings. tracing paper, perhaps?
  17. ......amazing
  18. See the post directly above this one Im quoting...
  19. pfft.... the grid method is for pansies. i just free-hand mine
  20. first of all, i intend to offend no one through this post, i do not intend to flame, etc. etc.
    i draw, and i can, and i know what it takes to make drawings at this level, so i think i MIGHT take back what i said...
    i was really looking closely at the portrait-in-progress of james hetfield, and was amazed, shocked at first sight... but i just realized, no decent artist draws like that. why? no decent artist draws an outline and then fills it up, ALREADY finishing each portion as he goes through it.
    You don't just fill it up through one step. You first shade all the areas first, and build up on that, and seeing the work on james hetfield, that was IMPOSSIBLE, finishing each portion RIGHT AWAY, with all those blank spaces remaining. do you get me? i believe that such drawings are possible, but not with such perfection in proportion and detailed copying down to the very millimeter.
    Regarding mr. broken's post on the mistakes on the mercury cougar drawing, it made perfect sense. But i realized, too, that if that kid is capable of such perfectly realistic copies photographs, then why can't he even make the mercury cougar's grill look, at least, DECENT?
  21. I completely agree with you. Ive been drawing since I was about 5 years old (28 now).

    You start out with light lines and slowly build up from there. Not start left then move right in one perfect full sweep. This is why I emailed him in the first place.

    I already mentioned that he uses the grid method (just a fancy name for tracing). He may be 15 years old, but ANYONE can look like modern day Mozart when you trace something.

    Im still impressed by his detail, but, way less impressed than if this were all by sight/free handed.

    Impressive is Chip Foose. All by sight and still flawless looking.

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