16V V8 huh?

Discussion in '1989 Callaway Speedster Corvette' started by asimraja, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. its a corvette.... my golf is 16v, and inline 4...
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    yah i know
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    2 valves per 1 cylinder. and with 8 cylinders that makes 16 valves total? What's so strange about it. Most old V8's are 16v.
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    Not to mention that 2V per cylinder is better for low rpm performance as well.
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    16valves....pfft yeah i agree it's stupid.
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    its old reliable power, isnt the saleen s7 a 16V v8?
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    It sure is.
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    i think it looks too much like the chevy callaway sledgehammer corvette, same car except the back, y didnt they make this car the same but with th newer technology and mybe a 20 valve v10? i think if they wanted to sell it, they could, and y were 12 only ever made, its a sweet car

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