18 cyl in W shape?

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    vw has a v-5 in the golf in europe
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    actually any car wich says 20v in the back has a v5 engine ... some seats and fiats have v5 engines..<!-- Signature -->
  3. How do they get 18 cylinders in a W shape? a W16 is basically two V8's side by side, right? so how do they get two V9's side by side? or is it a V10 and a V8 side by side? or 3 V6's? how does this work?<!-- Signature -->
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    ok, this is just a logical guestimate but i think it would prolly be 2 v-9's, a v-10 and a v-8 would be unbalanced i would think<!-- Signature -->
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    V9? how? 9 divided by 2 = 4.5. do they have two half cylinders? it doesn't make sense.<!-- Signature -->
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    a v9 does not need to be divided by 2, its just 9 cylinders look:
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0 0
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    text changed a little there..


    that would be the cylider placement of a v9 prolly<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm new here and love this site!!!

    I dont think that an odd number of cylinders exist like V-5,7,9 and so on, because it would be uneven. But if it does exist I dought they much because it is barely seen anywhere right?
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    your second diagram actually makes sense. thats pretty good. thanx!<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm not an engineer but here's an idea of a W engine
    what do you think? weight balanceing is near perfect
    dunno if this is what they are going for
    hope the .bmp loads i am at work :S<!-- Signature -->
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    my ballgina is in the shape of a W too
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    let me explain something to u guyzz, a V-shaped engine is two sets of cylinders facing each other, but a W-shaped engine is totally different, it's actually three side, the number of cylinders on each side doesn't have to be even, it's like two engines stuck together for example the W 16 has two five cylinder sets facing each other and a 6 cylinder down on the side, it's a bit complicated but it's not two sets facing each other
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    you can have 5 valves per cylinder making 4*5=20 so an inline 4, with 5 valves per cylinder is a 20v
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    fedaykin to upload picyures they must be in .jpeg .jpg or .gif
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    yeah the bugatti is a bad daddy
    fav band is everclear
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    that is sad... i like bugatti's but you think they could get more than 550hp with a v18........if ford can get 500 with v8's a exotic car company should be able to
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    maybe it could be like

    like with one straight up in the middle at the end
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    The engine must stay balanced so there is no way they would put 2 V9 engines with 4 cylinders on one side and four on the other. What i think is more likely is like this:
    Three rows of 6 in this shape: \|/
    Hence the name W18.
    This formation would work because it is totally balanced although i'm not sure how they would arange the crankshaft(s).
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    I agree.
    Besides 18/4 means 18 cyl with 4 valves per each cyl.
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    this engine is fairly pathetic when you consider that more power can be achieved from a modified Evo or STI
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    I dont know if you've realised it yet but 6 times 3 happens to be 18 and there aren't alot of i-6 engines out there so 3 rows of 6 is your answer. Just btw and the 2002 model uses corrado engines <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    no one cares that you can take a freaking inline-4 boxer-4 flat-4 or whatever the heck they have and turn up the PSI to get 550 horse power. people who would buy this car don't care about that jap crap
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    The idea that 3 inline 6's are correct. Look at the vw "w8 engine" and add more cyliders and you will get the idea.

    basically they are saying

    source to explain:


    Copy and Paste From Source:

    W18 engine
    As 18 is not dividable by 4, you know the W-18 is not derived from VR engines. In fact, it follows the old Audi philosophy of mating 3 banks of 6-cylinder, running the common crankshaft. The drawback is : Among the 3 banks there are 2 large Vee angles. My estimation is 60° each, hence a total of 120°. For comparison, the W16 is just 15/2 + 72 + 15/2 = 87°, therefore the W-18 is a lot wider. In terms of length, the W16 has the same length as a VR6, that is, about the length of 4 and a half cylinder. The W-18 is as long as an inline-6.
    As seen in the photo, the W-18 used by Bugatti EB-218 concept car is very big and complex. Two of the banks mate like a conventional 60° V6 while the remaining bank lays down to horizontal level. Complex induction manifolds and exhaust pipes run between the banks. (note that the exhaust pipes were not fitted to this prototype, otherwise it would have looked even more complex.)

    Obviously, W-18 is not as clever as W-16. Although there is no problem of fitting in the jumbo Bugatti saloon, I must question its purpose. Is it more powerful than a V12 can achieve ? No. Is it smoother than the theoretically ideal V12 ? No. Is it shorter than a V12 ? No. Is it narrower than a V12 ? On the contrary. Is it cheaper to be built ? Never. Is it more spectacular to the riches ? Yes.

    How easy the internet can be
    step 1: Post topic about engine
    step 2: Guess on how it is built
    step 3: read posts on how people think it is built
    step 4: open alternate internet browser
    step 5: go to www.google.com and search w18 engine
    step 6: get a definite answer by engineers and professionals.
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    u can have a 5 cyl...
    look at those volvos... a lot of them have i-5s
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    OK clearing everything up once and for all.

    The W18 engine in this car is made up from 3 rows of 6 cylinders(do the math, 3x6=18!!), that. The 4 in the name 18/4 has nothing to do with number of turbos, nor does it have anything to do with number of rows of cylinders. It is actually the number of vavles per cylinder! Ill Prove it!

    In the specs for this car, it says there are 72 valves in total, now, of there are 18 cylinders, and 4 valves per cylinder, and 18x4=72, then i am correct!

    Same goes with the 16/4 Veyron engine. The car has 64 valves and 16x4=64. I am correct again.

    And the same even goes for the 18/3 Chiron, ill let you do that one on your own because i think you get the point now.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Thankyou for your time.

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