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  2. Period pictures

    ah yeah, the kid cars. That ones that survived in any form are most likely in collections. I've seen pics/footage of collections like that once and I think I've seen one irl.
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    Period pictures

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  4. Period pictures

    for mopar fans
  5. Period pictures

    this thread is awesome
    I should leave general chat more often
  6. Period pictures

    Yuri Gagarin and his 1965 Matra Djet
  7. Period pictures
  8. Period pictures

    oh man that htree wheeled thing is disgusting

    sup christofurr
  9. Period pictures

    detomaso pantera
  10. Period pictures

    Found 2 more

    Edit: the second one might just be a BW modern photo, now I'm not sure.
  11. Period pictures

    thnks, i like Walter Rohrl pic, he looks old even when he was young
  12. Period pictures

    1. Briggs Cunningham and his passion
    2. 2cv prototype in 1938
    3. daytona
    4. 4wd Miller at pikes peak
  13. Period pictures

    i will be away for few weeks, enjoy these pictures until i come back.

    first picture is spyker prototype (not that old, but i wanted to share it)
  14. Period pictures

    whats that thirrd picture
  15. Period pictures

    whats the second piture
  16. Period pictures

    Damn that can't be the spyker prototype.
  17. Period pictures

    thanks for updating this great thread
  18. Period pictures

    yes it is, the silvestris
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  20. Period pictures

    Nice. Can anyone tell me about the first and third pics?
  21. Period pictures

    whos the dork in 4th pic washing the diablo
  22. Period pictures

    get it straight imbecile, tjhat's ferrari enzo washing the first car he ever built, the F40
  23. Period pictures

    well ferrari and lambo share same engine so im not far off
  24. Period pictures

    sometimes i wish neither of you two were ever even born

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