1976 Honda Civic

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  2. buy it and throw some 20s on it
  3. Put a bigger engine in it, zomg:p
  4. Very cool, new paint I assume? the link is down... how much are/were they asking?
  5. It was painted a few years ago I believe, and they were asking $3600 with a big OBO attached to the end of that sum. Shit ton of new parts too, including a rebuilt engine and low kms.
  6. Why would someone spend 3600 on a 76' Civic?
  7. Cheap, gas mileage, easy to work on, reliable. It's a cute, rare classic. Plus it's in great shape which means if you live in California or Arizona or somewhere you could enjoy it for many years. Sadly it would be a little pile of rust where I live. You never see these anymore.
  8. Keep in mind this is an asking price.
  9. Not rare. Its 33 years old, so not reliable.
    Not *that cute*

    $3600 lol
  10. How many late 70's Civics have you seen? Because this is the first I've ever seen.
  11. Incredible condition!
  12. Found the original ad on google cache for anyone who wanted to read it.

    Here’s your chance to own a rare classic! The original Honda, this 1976 Civic is in excellent condition for a 33yr old car. Features include an ultra fuel efficient 1.2L 4cyl engine and rare Hondamatic transmission. The exterior was redone approx 10yrs ago and is still in very nice shape. Over the past 3yrs the car has undergone an extensive mechanical restoration including, new struts, new brakes, new alternator, new battery, rebuilt head, head gasket and top end gasket kit, new timing belt, upgraded electronic distributor, new windshield, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt driveshafts, new a/s tires and new snow tires mounted on winter wheels, loads of time and money invested into this car, sacrifice price of only $3500 obo reply to this ad
  13. I've seen a few here, and I know a couple of people who even own/owned them.
  14. They are extremely small. And unlike modern subcompacts they really do crumple like a can in an accident.
  15. lol. I saw one get destroyed once at an intersection that was backed up pretty bad. A young girl came through assuming the cars in front were moving then all you heard was the brakes locking and a loud smash. Liquid all over the place, crumpled honda, and a dentless dodge ram. No joke, not even any of the chrome bumper looked to take any damage, not even a scratch.
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  17. saw one today, just after read this thread.
  18. piece of shit.
  19. Okay, you guys have a point there; see also Pulp Fiction. But it's 30 years old- would you want to crash any car from that era?
  20. Bring it.
  21. hahah
  22. Ahoy, Captain. I stand well and truly corrected there.
  23. I know I would. That's the coolest Civic Honda ever made. It's amazingly lightweight, too.
  24. would make a good autoxer

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