1st pics 2007 C 63 AMG

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. I'm sure that an S 63 AMG driver would love to see a C 63 AMG in front of him
  2. Why not? He's got the better car.
  3. I know it does, but it makes the 63 AMG loose prestige
  4. Yeah...but it still shows that Mercedes likes to put powerful engine in whatever car and doesn't care about the rest (fun factor,handling,...).
    Anyone would say that the a 480HP coupe would beat a 400HP and 200kg (yes,200kg) heavier Italian 4-door.

    I think you somehow got my point...

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  5. This is just awesome. Quit your whining homos.
  6. sadly you dont have that passion for more power in you... do you not?
    or am i reading that you dont care about powerful sedans like the E V12 Bituro Brabus for one... the worlds fastest sedan and probably the worlds most wanted sedan....
  7. Brabus now claims that their CLS is the world's fastest sedan, thus the E isn't. And being the second fastest doesn't automatically turn it into the most wanted sedan.
    BTW, that car in your avatar is only a cgi, don't put your hopes on seeing it in real life.
  8. oh as if i didnt know that... AND the cls isn tthe fastest but its the same speed sacraficing a lot of luxuries to make way for the lightweight sp technically the E V12 is still the fastest
  9. ok, thanks.
  10. yeah, this is overkill. But then again, isn't cadillac comming up with an LS7 powered CTS-v?
  11. I don't see the problem to offering whatever engine you want, it's a matter of choice. If you can afford it, why not. Their engines are actually rather good. 3.0 V6, 3.5 V6, 5.0 V8, 5.5 V8 and 6.2 V8. You guys are just looking for something to pick at.
  12. wouldn't that sorta be the same thing as an S55 and a C55?
  13. Up until now it looked like;
    C32 again
    and now C63, so it's a logical progression. I am guessing the horsepower difference is because of the space constraints for the exhaust system.
  14. uh huh

    for the sake of not picking at it, i'll jus say its decent.
  15. Stupid, yes. AWESOME, yes.
  16. When it comes out youll all love it. Cant say I am surprised. Too big and too fast are concepts AMG does not understand.
  17. this thing is amazing. but i have to agree that the engine is a lil big for the car. i think they should have stuck with the C55 and supercharged that instead. but this is still awsome.
  18. isn't it obvious enough ?
  19. what's the problem?
  20. it takes away the prestige of the S 63 models and it downgrades the whole AMG line-up.
  21. no it doesnt, AMG's purpose is to tune normal mercs, you're a dolt
  22. no shit ? have you ever heard me say anything on the C32 ? or its predecessor ? Engine sharing is good for cost saving, and thats it. Hence the need for a V12 flagship
  23. What did you ecpect MErc to do anyways? come up with 12 different engines? you're retarded

    The C63 in no way dowgrades the AMG lineup, you somehow mistaken AMG for Lameborghini
  24. Mercedes is trying way to hard. This is massive amounts of overkill.
  25. Trying way to hard at what? This is awesome as hell. What kind of fruitcake complanes about over-powered small sedans? You're just whiney because it will probably smoke the living shit out of any V///

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