2004+ BMW M1

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  1. Jus read in "Sketchpad", January 03 issue of Motor Trend that the M1 will return to replace the Z8. It loox almost exactly like the old one and will either have a V8 or verypowerful I6.
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    go to motortrend.com for more info
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    Oh hell yeah,they should bring it back,this car rocks!
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    is this a joke? just take a look at those pics
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    nope. its just a kinda wish list. i wish that would come out though. i have that issue, but the center fold gets in the way of the entire car.
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    it will never happen. and what was that crap about the success of the M1? i thought that car sold horribly
  8. that car would be sweet
  9. Booo ya!The 08 M1!WOOOOO

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