2004 in the showroom

Discussion in '2002 Alfa Romeo Brera Concept' started by rex4ev, Aug 9, 2002.

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    i wont be surprised, i'll have to change my undies!<!-- Signature -->
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    Somebody else read it, but i'm telling you that was a serious man who read that. I really hope so it comes out! It think it's posible that it's coming out caus, It was suchs a succesfull car. Everybody loves it, And Fiat saw that to.

    Forza Alfa Romeo!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Where ?

    Hard to believe.<!-- Signature -->
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    i really, really want to believe it. tell us where you read it.<!-- Signature -->
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    thats pretty quick but this car is still a concept. but it looks pretty road going tho. (not as extreme as some other concepts) i wont be too surprised if it comes out in 2004.<!-- Signature -->
  6. This car out in 2004 I read it.<!-- Signature -->

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