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  1. Motortrend said that Pontiac will be using one of the Holden cars and make it into a resurected GTO and sell it in the US. The front facia of the GTO (coupe) for 2004 is the same as this... SO

    1 - I loved the GTO and I am glad it will make it into prouction.
    2 - Although I am not a HUGE Pontiac fan at all, the future GTO should be a very nice car.
    3 - Its main competitors are prolly going to be the Bel Air or the T bird and I am glad that the GTO wouldn't be ripped straight out of the 60's.
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    Actually (according to the latest Motor Trend), the Holden Commadore that they were talking about using as the new GTO has now been announced to be the new Chevrolet Impala SS. Although (according to the latest High Performance GM), Holden will make the GTO in Australia and not release it in America. I'm not exactly sure why a GM owned company would be making a car labeled GTO and not have them produced in the US. Being a Pontiac fan, that does bother me even if I'd never be able to afford one.<!-- Signature -->
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    A GTO with four doors hmmmmm...

    The new Holden Monaro CV8 will be used as the basic car. Pontiac will just add GTO badges and the twin grille. Check out the computer rendered image from motortrend down below compared with my pic of the regular Monaro.

    Monaro: 225kW 5.7 V8
    Grand Prix-Gforce: 208kW 3.8 litre V6

    I know which one I'd buy!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    PS: Holdens performance division HSV is building the HSV Coupe GTO as a lower power version (255kW) of their infamous GTS coupe (300kW). The reason they made GTO as the model is because they were not aware of any other company using the name.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think that GM is killing off the history of the original Pontiac GTO by bringing over the Holden. I relaize that Pontiac needs a quick fix, but it shouldn't be like this. If a new production car is going to be called a Pontiac GTO, it should keep the original values that the car possed in the 60's and 70's. The GTO concept from a couple years ago had love it or hate it styling, but at least it took cues from the original car. This new GTO sounds like it will resemble the original in name only, which is very sad. It seems that GM doesn't care much for it's history and is willing to disgrace the GTO's storied past.

    For everybody else out there who think's I'm just a proud American, well you're right. Although, let me explain it like this, I'm sure the Brits wouldn't want a Miata as the basis for an Elise and I'm absolutely, positively sure the Japanese would freak out if the Corvette was going to be the basis for a new Skyline.

    So in closing, GM, please only let this be a one or two year import of the Holden. In the meantime please start developing our own GTO that will carry on the tradition as the Corvette has done for so many years.<!-- Signature -->
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    I hope the new GTOs don't look crappy.<!-- Signature -->

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