2006 Lincoln Zephyr

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  1. I dislike its back but interior is beautiful
  2. actually, now that Ive cooled down, Ive come to relaize htis is just the lcosest Lincoln could get to the concept while still obeying hte ass-tarded American govt regulations and EPA. I htink Lincoln would have built it closer to the concept if they could find a way. that said, I kind of like it for what it is. Cars in Europe look better, but they also have different regulations than American cars do. If all regulations were equal I wouild htink American cars would look a hell of a lot nicer. Now one hting this production car WILL likely do is keep occupants safe in a crash. If hteres one hting Ford does well, its safety. their cars dont look very innovative, but they are usually ranked the best in class for safety, and thats due in no small part to those bumper and chassis designs which happen to make production cars uglier. However I still think Lincoln could have designe betterl ooking taillights. thats my only huge gripe. The lights can be that big, thats fine, but they shouldnt look that blocky and Volvo-like. They should at least have some flair to them. The interior looks almost exactlyl ike hte concept, so Ive got no problem with it. I htink we all get caught up in the exxagerations of concepts, the low aggressive wide stance, the exotic head and taillights, the elaborate play of paintjobs in the showroom lights. Sadly though, these features look brilliant but they translate poorly to a practical car.
  3. horrible.
  4. I don't think this has much/anything to do with safety. They f*cked the back to improve the insurance scores a bit (e.g. bigger bumper) which I could live with, but then they f*cked the truck and the tail-lights to live a lower load height which is dumb. Seriously, who cares: I'd rather it look 10x better and have a slightly less practical trunk, and so would most other people I would think.

    There's no reason they can't do the tail-pipes like on the concept except that it would cost ever so slightly more. Boo hoo. Now it looks like the pipes are ripped right off the Fusion - i.e. they gave up a great opportunity to set the Lincoln way apart.

    The front, while similar to the concept, even even more perleexing since the changes don't seem to accomplish anything. The great looking lower dam is just meh now. Also it looks like they melted the grill to take the sharp edges off - why?

    And the profile on the concept looks exactly the same to me. It even has normal sized wheels. The concept looks better because it looks better - not 'cuz it's a concept.
  5. And the ribbed metal on the console looks 100x better and was way more unique than that flat sh*t on the production - how much could that have cost?

    Other than that the pic of the production interior looks like crap 'cause the colour is crap.
  6. BTW I'm going to the NAIAS this year and I'm gonna' tear into the Lincoln rep' over this bullsh*t. I'll be sure to do it right at the end of the day so I don't care if I get kicked out...
  7. The concept ones although road legal, Im sure they are also expensive as hell. Ford pinches pennies like no one else, so I'm sure there are lots of other areas where quality is lacking.
  8. Why the hell did they have to ruin those beautiful taillights? They could of had a nice looking sedan but they jsut had to add some X-large shitty tailights.
  9. Throw blood on them.
  10. wow.. talk about an upset.
  11. Seems like Ford is focusing on Jaguar more.
  12. They'd deserve it...
  13. Holy shit, I was expecting to see this car turnout... and they #$%#ed it up royally, the concept was a 10, this is a 6 (the rear gets a 4). And the interior looks like shit.
  14. The back looks 80s, but the rest of the car looks quite nice, i just wish they had made it look more retro.
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  16. I told you Lincoln would screw it up...
  17. but my point is if Lincoln was allowed to build it to European spec it wouldnt have to be changed AT ALL.
  18. Boring compared the the japanese
  19. On a side note: Ford quit releasing cars until the 3.5L duratec is ready, 210hp is not gonna cut it in this segment. The SHO has more power when it was released 15 years ago.
  20. Lame.... Bland.....
  21. I think its taller looking stance is really killing it.

    I like the interior though.
  22. It should have quad exhust tips
  23. dosent Audi have a rear similar to that?
  24. Are you blind?
  25. In the mid-90s sorta, only it looked far better than this garbage... is there a worse rear end out ther than the Zephyr?

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