2006 VW Touareg restyling

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Sanchescki, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. I have found two new shots of the 2006 Touareg restyling, what do you think? I hate the first one, but the second is great! Also there will be a 7 seater long version.
  2. second is a photoshop.
  3. the current looks better than either.
  4. the second one isnt a very good photoshop, but it looks nice.
  5. I like it!
  6. whats the difference apart from the chromed grill?
  7. The chrome thing looks cheesy
  8. The two SUVs i like is Touareg and Cayenne.Both are beutys
  9. Agree! Nowadays I would prefer a Cayenne... but if the new Touareg will be such as the second chop, give me the VW!
  10. 1st one too...
  11. The new VW/Audi grill is growing on me...
  12. I'd take a Cayenne over both these designs... as much as I hate Porsche for making it in the first place.
  13. The first one looks just like the one they have now.
  14. I hate the Cayenne personally. It is not an offroader because it couldnt handle anything more than a shallow dirt rut (dont bring that up against me because yea i could but im just trying to put my point across). If you want a real off road 4x4 by a toyota, mitsubishi, susuki. Bassicly all the japanese 4w4 are better than the european ones for off roading. But the eros are better on the road. Dont get me wrong euro cars are my favorite other than when it comes to 4w4s.
  15. The Cayenne is a great of roader with the optional air suspension, and everyone knows that land rover(defender for example) makes the best off roaders. I also think its 4x4 not 4w4.
  16. Seems to share the front grill with the new Audi Q5/Q7 SUV:
  17. The Cayenne sucks [email protected] The Touareg Rocks. Plus the Cayenne looks nasty. I do agree, Japan and the UK make the best off-roaders!

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