2008/2009 UEFA Champions League

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  1. you know atletico can be either hot or cold.

    they will either get smashed or vice versa.

    either way, i sense a goalfest
  2. If you saw the first match - and I think that I can say this without bias - Porto has the better team (collectively speaking)
  3. True, atletico is a very bi-polar team.
    But if you watched the first leg match, you will have to agree with me - and I believe that I have no bias in this opinion - that Porto has the better team collectively.
    This supremacy can be best portrayed in the defence, Bruno Alves completly neutralized Kun Aguero.
    This is going to be a very tactical match in wich IMO the condition of the defensive midfielders can be decisive. Atletico may have the upper hand on this since Paulo Assunçao is a much more experienced than Fernando
  4. **** yes. United pull through. Inter had their chances but didn't take them. United looked a bit wobbly at times. Especially Scholes and Carrick which is quite unlike them. Either way, despite Inter's 2 good chances United could have just as easily put 5 past them. Even Mourinho said we deserved it over the 2 legs.

    Porto vs Atletico was nothing spectacular, but Porto certainly deserved it, they were the much better team in the first leg anyway.
  5. Man U is for fAgs
  6. uh, Forza Barca? they let Lyon get into their heads a bit, but then showed composure again to just control the game. good stuff. god i hope we dont have to face Man U until the final.
  7. Chill, don't paint everyone with the same brush. AND THE REDS GO MARCHING ON ON ON.
  8. Still sore about 99 eh?

    I'm sure most of Germany would say the same about Bayern.

    It's a curse being the most popular club in the country, thankfully being born and bred in Manchester helps my cause as a United fan.
  9. I'm a 25 minute s-bahn trip from the Allianz. I could be dead, but my heart would still beat august through may
  10. Marseille won against Ajax today, 2-1, but it was played in Marseille, so there's still some perspective. further, Ajax was down to 10 men for the majority of the match and Marseille didn't score ever since that happened. Can't wait for the return.
  11. Sore? No. Angry that people seem to gravitate towards man u because theyre the richest team in the world? Yes. Bayern is hardly innocent of buying Bundesliga titles. But at least we don't buy CL titles. Even though we have been to the final more than Manchester <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. Awesome, you got season tix man? Im off to see United end of this year, gotta finish off my national service first.
  13. did not see the game, but amazed there were no goals in it.
  14. fUcking realmadrid <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  15. "Buying titles" gotta love that. My family hv been supporting United from way back in the 70s, a time when we were no better than Everton are now.

    First of all, if a club has money they should just spend it, but not the way Chelski does, that just spoils the market and is just obscene. United only really spend if Sir Alex feels he needs the player. Not just get everyone for 15 million or more, the way Ski do.

    And if you really wanna call it "buying", theres no fUcking difference, buying a local title or the CL.

    We've got the most amount of English/British players in the top 4. And we have as many British players as Bayern have Germans. And quite possibly a better youth system.
  16. The english aren't even that good at football! just the teams! If you had to pick a ultimate starting 11, only one of them would be english. the best players in the world currently come from spain, unfortunately.
  17. thats besides the point, we are talking about teams in the EPL, not the english national team.
  18. meh, i'm over the epl.

    Bayern wins the champion league this year.
  19. Stop Ribery stop Bayern. Simple as that.
  21. If you get United, Liverpool (especially) or Chelsea in the next round, you're out, simple as that.

    Klose and Toni are great strikers, but they have no pace whatsoever, and that's what you need to trouble English team defences.
  22. Lol, at the english trolls.
  23. Also, remember the last time we played you...in Berlin....with a second string side...
  24. Remember the 2006 world cup? England couldn't get passed Portugal, remember the 2008 euro cup? oh right! you didnt qualify!

    the english national team is a joke, where Germany's is arguably the second best in the world.

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