2008: year of the Japanese supercar

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  1. Holy shit, those HSC pics totally changed my mind on the whole car. The media pics they released at first were a little plain, but those pics.. just, wow. IMO they could still do a little work on the rear. Otherwise, that is a #$%#ing stunning design.
  2. K thx.
  3. I really hope it looks like the HSC. I mean, imagine seeing that thing on the road. Honda would definitely make presence with that car.

    The LF-A, on the other hand, looks pretty weak sauce.
  4. because I love you sonofa#%!@es.
  5. yeah i really doubt ford will let them call it a GT500 or even the GT450
  6. Please take honda out of the picture.Nissan yes. Honda?I dont think so.
  7. Well then that's a stupid example that's biased toward torque. I can't be bothered, since you're wrong.

    Also, just realised I've read the whole page of the link in your sig, and funnily enough, you missed this quote:

    "The Only Thing You Really Need to Know
    Repeat after me. "It is better to make torque at high rpm than at low rpm, because you can take advantage of *gearing*." :)"
    While your sig implies that torque at 2000 rpm is just as good as at 4000 which is blatantly false.
  8. Ok. Thanks for that, bye now.
  9. Yes it's better to make more torque at high RPMs because in a race that's where the revs will be. In regular lesisure driving low-end torque gives better drivability. Whether torque is better at 2000 rpms or 4000rpm is not a proper statement. If you had torque at 4000rpm but none at 2000rpm, the car would be difficult to get going. What you really need is a flat torque curve, meaning a generous amount of torque is available everywhere. 300 lb-ft of torque @ 4000rpm means you have strong pull at that rpm. Higher than that the power will drop off to let us say 270 lb-ft for 5500rpm. Now if you have the peak 300 lb-ft of torque coming in at 2000rpm then you would have excellent power down low, but as the revs climbed torque would be dropping so 4000rpm would then have rougly 260 lb-ft and 5500rpm would have 240 lb-ft. You could do the reverse and have the peak torque come at 5500rpm, but then the 2000rpm torque would suffer. It all depends what the vehicle is intended for. Trucks and SUVs have low end torque while cars have middle end torque. Track specific cars and sportbikes have hi end torque. New technologies like variable timing can increase torque across the powerband giving you the best of both worlds. (The figures used were a generalization, not actual figures)
  10. I know its better for daily driving, but this was in the context of "Torque wins races, horsepower sells parts.
  11. Handiling and proper tuning wins races.
  12. +1
  13. STFU
  14. you need to update your avatar to an 06. its even more revolutionary.
  15. The next NSX better not be a front engine.
  16. Man Im so sick of Toyota knocking off other peoples designs.

    I like the NSX though.

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