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  1. has anyone heard of the Ford 2010??? I heard about it somewhere, i forget the specs, but it was concept at the time and said it was due out in 2010 and had cameras instead of mirrors, even though cameras are planned on many cars coming out. thats all i know, anybody know something else helpful???
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    Thats Some real Car Knowledge you got there it may be a Ford GT with the 460kw V10 from the Cobra. renamed as GT40 mabey. that would be a resanable car to understand
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    If you don't know what the specs are then shut the #$%# up and do some reshearch.
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    its not the ford gt, or ford gt40 or any of those...... its called the "Synergy 2010" and there ARENT any stats released on it yet as it is still a very early concept. i didnt have stats, thats why i asked, no need to blow up about it. anyway, i got the information i was looking for from HELPFUL, not CRITICAL people so this thread is done.
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    Isnt the 2010 like a hybrid vehicle? I think I know a link that has a picture of that "Snyergy" thing-a-ma-jig.


    MAN that is one UUUUUUUUUGLY car.
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    You're the one with the attitude problem, so why don't you shut the hell up asshole!
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    Them are some cool pics of the Lincolns.
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