2011 Mustang GT vs. 2010 BMW M3

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    Alright, fan boys (and girls), prepare for battle. The ever keen-eyed Sam Smith over at Jalopnik has spied an interesting phenomenon in the car universe. The new 2011 Ford Mustang GT performance figures are within spitting distance of the mighty 2010 BMW M3. The Bavarian bruiser produces 414 horsepower out of its milky-smooth 4.0-liter V8 and hits the scales at 3,652 lbs. Meanwhile, the 5.0-liter Mustang serves up two less horsepower, but weighs 40 pounds less, too.

    At this point, odds are your blood is pumping no matter which side of the ring you happen to find yourself on. Stats that close yield frighteningly similar numbers when the two cars hit the track, too. The M3 can clip off the 0-60 dash in 4.3 seconds. The Mustang can do it in 4.4. Quarter mile? Deadlocked at 12.7 seconds at 111.3 mph.

    It's true, a quarter mile doth not a sports car make, which is why these next figures are so important. While the M3 can come down from 60 mph in 105 feet, the Mustang can do the same in 104. And here's the real shocker: Both cars hold onto the skidpad at .97 g. Now, before the comments go superfly TNT, it's worth noting that the as-tested BMW will set you back an eye-widening $28,180 more than the Ford. We could think of a thing or two to do with an extra 30-large.

    So the question remains, which would you take home?

  2. Obviously the Beemer would be the way to go if money were no option, but you could buy two of the GTs for the price of one M3 . . .
  3. If it were my own money, I'd go with the Mustang. But if I were being given one, I would choose the BMW every time.
  4. Mustang makes a lot of sense on the gently swaying roads of USA, but these cars are not equal at all on a race track.
  5. Its Bimmer you hilljack! (right?)

    And yeah the GT is pretty damn tempting since the new engines have come around. The only thing I've done faster than 4.3 seconds is left something precious in ur mum looooooooooooool

    also check out my little bros new car(!) He's a good dude but maaaaaaan what a jerk
  6. the next week i went to the same dealership and bought a 2010 corolla


    not even ballin'

    got my game usurped by the little schneider broski
  7. Is it at least an XRS?
  8. My incredibly unexciting goals for this new car were mpg, no breaky, and death by stuck throttle, so I got an LE. I tried a Yaris and all other comparables of that class but it was just too little of everything for what I needed.

    I like it a lot, but when you go to your bank to get a $18,000 cashiers check and the cute chick behind the counter is all impressed and all "omg wowww what car did u get dear future boyfriend" and you have to say all "toyota corolla", it's a somewhat underwhelming feeling.

    maybe the next car will be the fun one

    But for real and for what I need it for, I'm more than happy with it.

    The silver corolla in the parking lot in the interior shot was my 5 thousand dollar mistake. I just went with a new ride to avoid any more fun times like that again.
  9. m3 obviously.
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    If I had the money and had to choose between the two, I'd put it on the M3. You could have 2 Mustangs, true. But you'd still have 2 incomplete cars, compared to the M3.
    They probably got those numbers from Motor Trend, who will tell you that numbers without context mean very little. Here's their rebuttal to the whiny crybabies who got bent out of shape when a Korean car beat out the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger:
  13. 2010 Corolla is most un-ballin'est thing ever.

    Whatevs, it'll last forever and work for A to B.

    More hawspowah than my Golf, lololol.
  14. How much for a 135i in the US?
  15. $36k, the 128i would be closer to the Mustang in price, if that's what you're getting at.

    Yeah, MSRP base price for both the 5.0L and the 230hp 128i are at $29k and change.
  16. 36K is base price, right? Most of the ones I've seen at dealers are mid 40s to 50.
  17. Bimmers are way too expensive to repair and maintenance is ridiculous.

    Gimme that 'Stang!
  18. You get free scheduled maintenance for like three years or 36k miles with BMW. Your brain is turning into poutine, old man.
  19. M3 if money were not a factor, but that's retarded because money is always going to be a factor.

    What amazes me is that the Mustang is lighter than the M3. And it makes me go wtf at BMW.
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    There are some detail differences which help to account for the weight difference: more standard equipment like electronically controlled and heated leather seats in the M3, heated mirrors, telescoping steering column, larger rear brakes, multilink suspension, curtain airbags, HID headlights with auto-leveling and swiveling for corners, etc.
    The large differences are probably in the structure. BMW conducts something like 30k laps of the Nordshchleife for durability and for responsiveness. The structure has to be strong and it must be rigid to give the M3 the dynamic edge it usually holds over direct competitors. As an example of details for extended lapping, consider the cooling fins on the M differential.
  21. I guess $8k more than a Mustang would pull me over the line if it were my own money. If I have M3-money to spend, the Mustang is probably not really in the picture to begin with. Probably stuff like the Cayman instead.
  22. bmw's are only expensive to run if you go to the dealership which you should never do.
  23. $240 for an oil change. It's insane.
  24. Maintenance, parts, and repairs are going to be expensive on a BMW no matter where you go.

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