2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8

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    The Chrysler 300 is a legendary machine that won the NASCAR series in 1955 and 1956 and was the first car to use a 300-hp, American-built V8. Drawing on this inspiring history, the automaker came up with the 2012 SRT8 variant of the 300, unveiled yesterday at the New York Auto Show.

    Its heart beats to the rhythm of a 6.4-litre V8 HEMI generating approximately 465 hp and 465 ft-lb of torque, an improvement over the previous model.

    The five-speed autobox is still on board, this time accompanied by steering wheel paddles.

    Preliminary data sets 0-100 km/h acceleration times at a little under 5 seconds en route to top speeds of 281 km/h, with braking distances of 36.6 metres from 100-0 km/h.

    Without revealing any official specs, Chrysler estimates a 25% improvement in fuel consumption.

    The vehicle’s sporty nature is also apparent in the adaptive suspension, with Auto and Sport modes that can lower it by 1.2 cm (0.5 in). Other than the SRT8 badging, the version is recognizable by its 20-inch wheels.

    The cabin features an exclusive heated leather steering wheel, heated and vented front seats with adaptive head rests, contrasting stitches and carbon fibre trim on the instrument cluster and doors. A display also indicates acceleration and braking times.

    Even the 19-speaker stereo system (including two subwoofers) is high-performance, generating an ear-splitting 900 watts. The Uconnect infotainment system with its 8.4-inch touch screens wraps things up.

    The car has over 70 safety features, including Electronic Stability Control, and comes with a smart key.

  2. It looks a bit tacky.
  3. Dr Dre approves this thread
  4. The body line coming off the front wheel arch looks stupid.
  5. I don't like the grill, but other than that its nice.
  6. Awesome. Love it.
  7. interior is a huge step up
    the current gen interioure is so horrendous
  8. Its a Chrysler?
  10. I thought the new Chrysler was supposed to be better than this. It looks like some shitty custom job, especially the rear view. I half expected the wheels to be spinners and somebody to have grafted a Rolls grille onto the front.
  11. holy #$%# that interior ugggghhhhhhh
  12. this is how chrysler 300 sales go in florida

    base model - rental car companies
    touring model - ghetto black people trying to look classy
    srt8 - tacky mid-life white guys that have gotten 1 foot out of the trailer
  13. Nice interior, but the body looks like SHIT.
  14. it looks pretty good IRL

    haters gonna hate
  15. Pretty nice actually. A hell of a lot better than the Charger...
  17. well its Chrysler so my expectations were low to begin with, and it could be much much worse, but since it's target audience is black people , I would say it hits that demographic.
  18. replace "haters" with "people with good taste"
  19. HAHA
  20. not doing so hot for a company that is trying to save itself.
  21. best looking chrysler ever!!!!!!!!!
  22. no its pretty good for a chrysler just pretty meh for a car
  23. have you seen chryslers from the 50s-early 70s?
  24. saw one in person today

    I almost fell asleep while trying to figure out if it was a new one or not

    then I felt bad for spending all that time looking at that piece of garbage

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