2012 Nissan GT-R: 530HP, 7.20 Ring Time

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  1. jet fighter
  2. I love buttons
  3. and digital speedometers
  4. Nice floor mats.
  5. How many tupperwares were killed in the process of making it?
  6. its soft-touch plastic ^__^
  7. Well, I've never said the "quality" of the interior is anything close to the GTR. Don't know what everything feels like in the GTR, but wouldn't be surprised if it was all far better. As I said I've been in dozens of Vettes, and they are not amazing.

    I'm just talking personal preference I guess. Aesthetics. The GTR interior looks boring to me. Too square, too blockish. The seats look ugly to me. I guess I'd prefer some tacky flash to nicer plastics.

    I, for instance, find the interior on my Jag to be far cooler looking than the GTR as well. It has huge panel gaps, several horribly designed bits, bad ergonomics with a lot of controls, hard plastics, and cheap vinyl everywhere. But I like it. The simpleness of the wood, not cut into smooth shapes or finished in modern style. My gauge cluster in the center of the car. All the huge switches totally turn me on. It's like HG Wells shit. Same goes for a lot of 60s muscle cars. But that doesn't mean those interiors are "better". I just like them.

    Nothing to do with being objectively better(although can anything ever really be considered "objectively" better styled?), just what I like.
  8. soft like shit? because it looks like it.
  9. exer, close your hole moron.
  10. ^_^
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  12. that is a really horrible interior.
  13. I saw a white ZR-1 today. So awesome.
  14. id still rather have the ZR1 or Porsche
  15. too bad nissan doesnt seem to be fond of weight reductions. nissan was able to pull it off with the r32-r34. they had longer engines that were harder to package and yet weighed some 500-700lbs less. i dont care how it performs in stock form, this car is a very fast gt, not a sports car anymore.
  16. if you say so...
  17. It never was a sports car.
  18. it had stupid hood?
    and chrome wheels?
    you saw it or you smelled the glue factory smell miles away before it arrived?
  19. the Z32 was the "sports car"...
  20. what
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  23. Easy sis, are you still taking the meds mother gave you?
  24. Wow, just loool...
  25. !!

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