2013 Ford Fusion News Update

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    Ford is not resting when it comes to the 2013 model year Ford Fusion against new mid-size sedans from Toyota and Chevy. Together with new technology, a bigger budget and extra capacity, the Fusion will be a more formidable fighter in its all-new clothes.

    As FIN reported a few months ago, the Fusion will merge with the Mondeo on Ford's new CD4 platform. This platform is believed to premier on the Evos Concept in Frankfurt next week. This platform will be around 108-inches, which is one inch longer than the current Fusion. This will in consequence make the Mondeo smaller due to its current 112.2-inch wheelbase.

    In addition to the 47-48 mpg hybrid engine the Fusion is set to receive, FIN has learned the sedan will also gain two EcoBoost engines. Both the 1.6-liter GTDI and the 2.0-liter GTDI will be offered in the Fusion. The 1.6-liter will be an option starting on the SE trim level, while the 2.0-liter will be an option starting with the SEL. These engines are already options for the Mondeo in Europe.

    The Fusion will also utilize Ford’s stop-start technology to save fuel. One should expect other technology such as active grill shutters and MyFord Touch.

    It isn't all good news with the Fusion, however. North American production of the Fusion could possibly be delayed until mid-2012 from its original first quarter production plan; early second half is most likely if the delay has happened. This would be no surprise as the Fusion has a history of delays. Unfortunately for European customers, they will not receive the Mondeo until early 2013 as a 2014 model. This is most likely due to the current Mondeo launching a year after the Fusion.

    With Ford promising dealers that they would like to increase sales of the Fusion by around 50-percent, Ford is looking at production expansion options. Though unannounced by Ford, Mexican government officials recently leaked that Ford is planning an expansion to its Hermosillo facility. The facility currently assembles the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MkZ . This could be tentative due to the current UAW-Ford contract talks and the fact that Kansas City should be back online, after a slight retool, around the time Fusion production begins.

    Expect the 2013 Fusion to debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It will be the first all-new production vehicle to be designed with Ford’s new global direction debuting on the Evos Concept.

    Here is some food for thought: With the CD4 platformed Evos having a plug-in hybrid powertrain, could that mean the Fusion will receive it as well? Pure speculation at this point.

  2. I'm pretty excited for this. If it takes a lot of styling from the Evos, it should be a fantastic looking car and with Sync, Ecoboost and more on board, it's sounding like a very promising car.
  3. SHO version plz
  4. SHO drivetrain in fusion body = boner

  5. Can't reveal too much, but keep your eye on this space, SHO maybe in the works for 2014!



  6. I hope it comes with a glass roof.
  8. ...and a manual transmission....
  9. Can't wait to see it. The current one is absolutely fantastic for a sedan so this new one will be pretty great too.
  10. the previous one was a stunner!

  11. Funny that the 1st gen. US version use the same headlights.
  12. One world One ford
  13. Oh yeah bring a FWD SHO powerhouse!!

  14. SHO is AWD!
  15. FO wheel drive
    FO SHO
  16. I'd rather Bugatti Veyron SS or Audi A8 W12 LWB
  17. lol what a piece of junk that was. "a fiesta for people who like to wear hats"

    I wish we got the US version instead
  18. I highly doubt we'll see a SHO badge on anything other than a Taurus.
  19. yup, US brand is better for sure.
  20. Ford just wants to get the #$%# out of Mexico and I don't blame them.
    Just keep the quality and reliability at its current level Ford, you're doing very well with this car.
  21. Yeah its a good car remember when your parents asked you for your car in exchange for their accord for like a day and just said no, you owned them
  22. I let them drive it sometimes, just not to DC.
    DC is a #$%#ing rats nest of cars.
  23. sometimes?
    you've changed man

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