2014 Chevrolet Volt Getting 2.0L Turbo: Rumor

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    Insider: 1.4L Engine Discontinued in 2014 Chevrolet Volt

    All we had known for sure about the future of the Chevrolet Volt was that it will be undergoing a powertrain upgrade in about a year’s time. That is until now. A source inside the company (who did not wish to be identified) confirmed to InsideEVs that the 83 hp, 1.4L engine that is currently in use as an extended range generator for the Volt will “definitely not” be in the 2014 model year that begins production in the summer of 2013.

    It is thought that the 1.4L engine found in the Volt today was never the first choice of engineers who were designing the car, but was mated to the platform strictly out of the availability of the engine. When debuting the concept Volt, GM had envisioned a specially designed engine to optimize performance for the Volt, but had to abandon any such plan because of a freeze on all research and development in the period where GM was entering bankruptcy, and the Volt was in development.

    When asked about what the replacement engine might be, it was said that apparently a new 2.0L turbo has been thoroughly vetted on the platform, and will most likely see its way into production of the Volt (and upcoming Cadillac ELR). This is the same engine that GM has recently confirmed will also find a home in the Chevy Cruze Deluxe Buick Verano, a car which incidently rides on the same Delta II platfrom as the Volt. The output of the 2.0L turbo currently ranges from 220hp to 270hp.

    This new engine would not only give the Volt and Ampera a more capable engine, but will allow the all new ELR (which will built on the same platform), to perform more inline with its sporty appearance, and the expectations of the Cadillac brand in general.

    As for the fate of the current electric drive unit (149 hp/273 lb.-ft. of torque) that actually drives the current Volt wheels, our insider had no knowledge of any future decisions by GM. However, one assumes if the 1.4L is out for a much larger engine, that the electric motor has to go as well.

    GM officials would not confirm or deny the inside information InsideEVs has obtained. “Unfortunately, we do not comment on future product details,” said GM spokesperson Kevin Kelly, “so I cannot provide any information related to your inquiry.”

    The 2013 Volt will not have these engine changes, but as we reported previously the battery pack has be tweaked to squeeze out an additional 3 miles of range. There will also be an optional rear seat arm rest, a realtime energy use dashboard display, and replacement of the dark colored rear hatch door and roof panels by body paint. There will also be an additional two optional paint colors.

  2. blow air into that electric
  3. it actually drives really nice
  4. one of the worst interiors i've ever sat in
  5. My neighbor has two of them.

    And a cute daughter.
  6. What's your address?
  7. careful , what 84fordman thinks is cute you might think is livestock ...
  8. Thanks for the heads up.

    84fordman, is this daughter a human?
  9. Possibly.

    He doesn't care about faces, mind.
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    http://tinyurl.com/d58m8tp - Street view

    Actually haven't seen her feet, but she plays college lacrosse. Tight body.
  11. Nottingham Drive, eh?
  12. Why doses it need a performance engine?
  13. this. Isn't that kindof defeating the object?
  14. If they triple the size of the generator, the electric motor will no doubt get a big boost in power too. Volt has got to be heavy with all those batteries, the current 149 probably makes for depressing test drives. On a car this expensive upgrading to the turbo and a bigger electric motor will hardly scratch the sticker. Its about being seen in a green car, not about how good it is for the planet after all.
  15. That, and if I'm not mistaken, the gas engine is not always running, so when running on battery which is hopefully most of the time for the prospective owners, its no less efficient than the current model. Its just for when you run out of juice, you will be no longer be driving in a car with a lawnmower engine.
  16. Wow that sound pretty stupid.
  17. But the Volt always run on the electric motor. The gas engine is only there to act like a generator for the electric motor, it doesn't drive the front wheels.
  19. I don't see why you would think that.
  20. Sounds like a waste of a good engine to only add three miles to the range. The part I'm having a hard time with is the gasoline generator is quite a bit more powerful than the electric motor. Seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it?
  21. im really weirded out by cars that have a gas engine that doesnt actually connect tot he wheels
  22. i thought this car was supposed to be electric?
  23. well you cant have an electric motor with more power than the engine has can you?

    You can't just get power out of nowhere, otherwise you would be violating the law of the conservation of energy
  24. Except that it does drive the front wheels. That was the big insult when GM released the Volt to the press. GM had been talking like there was no mechanical connection between the engine and the wheels, but there is. IIRC, the engine cuts in only at very high speeds...80+mph. The Volt is less like a range-extended Leaf, and more like a Super-Prius.
  25. shit i didnt realise this

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