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    There is (rightfully) a tremendous amount of interest in the replacements for General Motors’ full-size truck and SUV lineup. The current GMT-900 products have been on the market since 2006 (2007 model year) for the SUV’s and 2007 (2008 model year) for the trucks. Expect the replacements to begin rolling out in Spring 2013.

    The full-size SUV’s have aged somewhat gracefully over their lifespan, but the Silverado and Sierra half-tons have come under intense competition from their Detroit rivals in the last couple of years. Ford has now pioneered new territory with a true V-8 replacement with the EcoBoost V-6 and both Detroit rivals have introduced far better appointed interiors than the GMT-900’s.

    Below is all of the information that GMI has on the upcoming K2XX products. K2XX is the program name for the new full-size truck and SUV program.

    Production Start Dates
    2014 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab (K2CC) – April 29, 2013
    2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab (K2CG) – April 29, 2013
    2014 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab (K2EC) – July 15, 2013
    2014 GMC Sierra Extended Cab (K2EG) – July 15, 2013
    2014 Chevrolet Silverado Regular Cab (K2RC) – August 5, 2013
    2014 GMC Sierra Regular Cab (K2RG) – August 5, 2013
    2014 Chevrolet Tahoe (K2UC) – October 21, 2013
    2014 GMC Yukon (K2UG) – October 21, 2013
    2014 Chevrolet Suburban (K2YC) – October 21, 2013
    2014 GMC Yukon XL (K2YG) – October 21, 2013
    2014 Cadillac Escalade (K2XL) – January 27, 2014 (body styles not defined)

    Unlike the GMT-900 launch, GM appears to be planning to roll out the new half-ton trucks first, starting with the crew cab configuration. We want to stress that the SOP dates often change, however GMI does not expect the general timeframes to change much between now and the stated launch dates.

    The all-new full-sizers were originally slated to begin launching later this year, however GM’s June 2009 bankruptcy and the foreshadowing financial crisis pushed them back to the above time slots. According to sources, GM had the opportunity (and finances) to push the program up, but elected to push new car and crossover programs up instead.


    Much of the K2 program has remained unknown, but we do know that the platform will house GM’s Gen V Small Block V-8’s. Among the new V-8’s will be a totally redesigned 5.3-liter. The new mill is said to have direct-injection (a first for an OHV engine), Active Fuel Management and variable valve timing.

    We can also confirm that GM is working on a new 6.2-liter Small Block, but sources have not confirmed to GMI if that engine will also find its way under the hood of the new trucks.

    GMI has not received word on transmissions, though we can confirm that GM is working on an eight-speed automatic for rear-wheel drive applications.


    Way back in January 2010 GMI sat down with then director of deisgn for Chevrolet, Mike Simcoe. Simcoe spoke in length about the design direction of the truck, noting that the days of “slab-sided” Silverados and Sierras would come to a halt on the next generation trucks. Instead, Simcoe added that character lines from the Chevrolet Cruze, Sonic, Spark and even Camaro would be found in their place. Chevrolet clearly wants a family look throughout their entire lineup.

    Simcoe also stated several times that GM’s market research always shows that truck buyers want aggressive, big designs…so it’s likely a safe bet the new GM trucks are going to get aggressive.

  2. id like to discuss this watch
  3. direct injection OHV sounds interesting... id like to see how they design the cylinder head for that.
  4. 14 inches of wheel travel front and rear and internal bypass fox shocks would be cool
  5. going to laugh at the guys at work that JUST bought new silverados
  6. We had that discussion today witha GM Buick GMC trainer ... he said that all the concepts that are shown on the web aren't even close to what the new truck will be =(
  7. Today I don't see the point in GMC.
  8. Does this watch have LEDs?
  9. get on msn
  10. Light duty diesel in the 1/2 tons, plz.
  11. its the buick of trucks
  12. So they took a tundra and a ram, smashed them together and its their new turck.
  13. come back when you know how to design cylinder heads
  16. No shit. Stupidest thing ever that not one of the major auto companies has offered one. First one who does will sell a ton.

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